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Limbs Like Ghosts


Image: Chris Piercy

The Meaning of Life (Excerpt)


Image: Lines for a Toilet Wall

This is so totally lifted from Sarah’s bathroom wall detective portfolio.  The line of thought followed between these wall artists is like so smart. 




Every Time That We Walk the Streets

A Clockwork Orange

I admit that I feel an odd form of consumer’s guilt whenever I go to Papa Gjorgio’s.  To say that it is Ada’s best place to consume calories would be quite the local culinary understatement.  It just seems almost culturally inappropriate for a town like this to have a place with a satisfying wine list and where cheese fries and a side of ranch dressing is an impossibility.  Wednesday night I enjoyed a couple hours in the restaurant’s reassuringly intimate Martini Bar with several of my close “buds”.  Though I have been m.i.a. for a few weeks, this became a weekly pilgrimage sometime during my final semester of college.  This is our Wednesday night fellowship.  In place of potluck casserole, Blake and I mutually masticated our margarita pizza, and casual conversation about “The Whitest Kids U Know” skit-lifting from MTV’s “The State” replaced weepy diatribes against the dangers of inter-religion dating.  Sipping on a Will-prepared drink, I listened to Dave D. recount his Radio Shack Story of the Day.  This consisted of a senile lady shopper leaving poo poo in places not designated a toilet bowl and left me wondering what kind of paycheck would balance out selling coaxial cable to potty untrained customers.  Mental answer: medical school amounts.  Will comes to the table to announce that he will indeed be opening the upcoming All These Teepees show as his dance music alter-ego DJ Tanner.  And I end the night reminded of why I find it so hard to leave this home of twenty-four years. 




Mixtapes in Miniature

Banksy Drawing

Image: Banksy 

I try my best to keep up with the new hip swinging sounds the kids bop in their boomboxes.  Still, the constant pursuit of finding the next ________ can leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed by information and wanting for lasting impressions.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with bedroom demos of future One Blog Wonders. 

I think of this blog as more of a multimedia mixtape for friends and my mixtapes have always been filled with nostalgia and lost hymns. 

So, here are three songs by bands (The dB’s, The Go-Betweens, and Catherine Wheel) that are about a generation removed from SXSW photo-ops:


Joseph Rushmore Eats Babies


Back on the hallowed soccer fields of the Ada Boys & Girls Club it probably never crossed my mind that Mr. Joseph Rushmore would grow up to be such a fine country/folk tunesmith.  But that’s what he gone and done!  From his MySpace page (natch):

After the break up of the now legendary Oklahoma punk band Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta, Joseph Rushmore has gone on to mix a love of musical simplicity with subtle depth as a country/folk singer accompanying himself on guitar. While the songs still carry the remains of the humour, loss, and desolation that came from his former band they have now grown to supply the listener with a deeper sense of what he, as a singer is articulating through his poetic and exalting lyrics. -Wagner Paul: Oklahoma Poet (RIP: 2/17/29-8/22/07).

Many of us in Ada have long mourned the passing of the legendary Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta (Green River was to the Seattle scene as Muy Loco was to the Ada “scene”, right?), but it’s good to see that Joe is still making music to live by, while former Muy Loco guitarist Dave Dickinson is ripping it up with All These Teepees.  The Fiesta continues!  Long live Fiesta!You can catch Joseph live at Strawberry Fields in Denton, TX on March 15!MySpace: Joseph Rushmore

We Wear Leather, We Wear Spikes

Herein lies the video to the almighty Manowar’s “Gloves of Metal”.  You know how hard it is to do anything in gloves of metal?  Pretty hard.  Try squirting ketchup onto your plate of tasty fries…you can’t!  Your fingers don’t bend!  So you know if someone is rockin’ gloves of metal they are about to rock your face with metal.  Or something.  Anyway…wait for the special effects at 3:30. 

The Kids Are Alright

I had to post this video, cuz it gives me some good ol’ Obama hope for the future of America:

See, in the future, the Youth will know Pavement songs AND karate!  The terrorists stand no chance!

Edit: After posting this, I did a Google search and discovered that Stereogum had already posted this video a few months ago.  (Of course).  My apologies for the unintentional syndication, but I think it deserves a second run in the ol’ blogosphere.