Jumping Ship

Image: Vh1
    Last night Hillary acted like she was going to give Obama an “F” for improperly citing his Freshman Comp paper.  That’s entertaining, but not nearly as culturally important as finding out who would flip out in this week’s episode of “Celebrity Rehab“! 
     It was the lovely Ricco meathead maid’s turn to (once again) act like the kid at 6th grade camp (Camp Goddard, Lake Arbuckle yo!) who jumped on my bed with his muddy Air Jordans. 
     The group travelled to Catalina Island, which I hoped would culminate in some hardcore golf cart races.  My one trip to Catalina included: 1. nearly riding off a cliff into the ocean on a rented bicycle and 2. trying not to throw up on the choppy boat ride back to the mainland.  It never even crossed my mind to jump off the boat.  This was the same week that Jimmy Stewart died, so the Meaning of Life had kind of jumped the shark anyway. 
And here’s a song!:

2 responses to “Jumping Ship

  1. I applaud your blog for its high journalistic standards and tip my hat to you sir.

    I look forward to future entries.

  2. Your jumping ship/the shark pun made me snarf. Or snorgle or snilph or something. Post everyday for forever, please.

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