New Muzak Tuesday


Image: Chris Piercy

During this blog’s very brief history we have had a handful of splelling errors pointed out, so I’m not claiming perfection.  However, now that Pitchfork has become a mainstream guide to the sound of 5 million false tooth hipsters yawning, shouldn’t they be able to pay someone to make sure things like this don’t happen?:

 “…Sletater-Kinney/Quasi drummer (and now Jick) Janet Weiss’…”

I think perhaps Pitchfork’s baby hole just birthed a spud-tacular tribute band.  Or perhaps their spell-checker moonlights as Maxim’s critical validity checker.

I know bashing Pitchfork has become a trend almost as annoying as blabbing on about “a Krautrock influence” by pretend-tious critics who don’t know their Can from their Cluster, but when you go and start giving “Guero”-level ratings to Stephen Malkmus, hon you’ve gone too far.

In addition to a track from the new Jicks joint, I’m also posting one from the new Autechre.  Shake your brittle bones to the beatz. 


  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Baltimore from Real Emotional Trash (2008; Matador)
  • Autechre – Simmm from Quaristice (2008; Warp)

One response to “New Muzak Tuesday

  1. Mmmm. “Sletaters.” Also on the menu: “STEALMYBURGERs” and “Ol’ Dirty Bastard Nuggets.”

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