Ryan McMahan For Pontotoc County Chair


Ryan McMahan for County Chair – Pontotoc County!

Hello my fellow Americans,

I would like to take this time, to announce that I am officially running for the position of County Chair this Saturday in the Pontotoc District of Oklahoma, USA. I will be going up against current County Chairman, John McMahan.

We need your vote!

-This Saturday at 9:00 a.m.-11:30 a.m.
Ada Chamber of Commerce
300 W. Main St.
Ada OK 74820.
-If you vote for me all of your wildest dreams will come true.
-I promise to represent you, the tax paying citizens of Pontotoc County.

* Has never been “Lobbied”
* Believes in God
* Made an A in U.S. Government at ECU
* Understands social problems at the local level
* Never taken a Government Paid Junket
* Has Never voted to raise Taxes.
* Man of Principle and Honor

– This message has been approved and paid for by the McMahan campaign –

5 responses to “Ryan McMahan For Pontotoc County Chair

  1. He has my vote!!

  2. Hey, Chris. Did you notice the times for these comments are off by six hours? Where are you…Great Britain???

  3. I can’t wait until he makes his way up to President. When will you find out if he won?

  4. silenceinarchitecture

    He won!

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