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Friendly Lists: Aaron Sumpter

Today: Aaron.  Tomorrow: The World. 
Favorite Songs of the Past Year:
—> videotape:radiohead –> tonto:battles –> Hvarf/Heim (the whole thing):sigur ros –> down the line:jose gonzales –> flightless bird american mouth, kingdom of the animals, and boy with a coin:iron&wine –> seahorse:devendra banhart –> if you keep losing sleep:silverchair –> impossible germany:wilco –> sometimes i dream i’m hurting you:angels of light –> spitting venom:modest mouse –> easy tiger(the whole thing):ryan adams –> archangel:burial

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment:

for the moment — one big holiday:my morning jacket — lay down your weary tune:bob dylan — scenic world:beirut — — punkrocker:teddybears —

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: fav’rit new bands – dengue fever, beirut, battles, hmm… older recently discover’ds – townes van zandt, ryan adams, depeche mode

Favorite Song Ever:

yeah right

Best Recent Concert:

silverchair probably wins — but i saw a lot of good shows within the last year —

Last Great Film I Saw:

naughty night nurses: asian attack emergency triage center

Last Great Book I Read:

perks of being a wallflower

First Album You Remember Buying:

3…matchbox twenty: cannon ball hat man album, third eye blind : third eye blind — eve 6 : eve 6

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart:

the smiths the cure

Best Purchase of the Last Year:

my elton john’s for 21 cents and radiohead in rainbows box set — radiohead ticket —

Best Thing I Did This Year:

failed school and played in a band

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment:

wrestling olen + fighting travis + running naked down country club + arguing with blake about things that probably didn’t even exist + going to class + driving + escaping the authorities at mc d’s + wrangling dave dickinson + rocking out to small town trap + watching travis destroy furniture + new years listening to deathcab and trying not to cry + when blake ran as hard as he could and fell on his face in the front yard + taking thousands of pictures with topher p. + chooga chooga two two + playing cross fire with urine + throwing bottles at calla +

Favorite TV Show at the Moment:

curb your enthusiasm and it’s always sunny in philadelphia

Favorite Video Game at the Moment:

poker on my ipod

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product:

free bread, beans, old treats, TOTINO’S

My Ringtone:


Dead Horse Beat

Image: Eugène Atget. (French, 1857-1927). Magasin, avenue des Gobelins. 1925. Gelatin silver printing-out-paper print, 8 1/4 x 6 1/2″ (21 x 16.7 cm). Abbott-Levy Collection. Partial gift of Shirley C. Burden
When the lights go down
we can sing to the beat of a dead horse
Talk of trees
with roots deeper than our pulse
Paint blue fingerprints
across white paper
Return to inhale
the carbon emissions of lost time
Take apart stereos
to exorcise the noise made
when your mother died
-Christopher Piercy

Lil’ Wayne: The Man of My Dreams

Image: John Rosenthal, 1994 

Hearing someone recount their “totally weird, man” dream is usually about as interesting as looking through a complete stranger’s stamp collection.  If the all stamps were illustrations of Franklin Pierce and Rutherford B. Hayes. 

Thus, in explaining the dream that I had two nights ago, I’ll try to present you with only the barest schematics of the thing.  Because, trust me, the rest of it was totally weird, man.  And then I’ll post the link to a video to reward your patience.  We are the Sesame Street of blogs.

Basically, the dream consisted of me and Lauren getting ready to go on a long weekend road trip…to Konawa, Oklahoma, which in some miracle of Dreamland had managed to morph into a Branson/Hot Springs hybrid.  This may seem kind of lame, but in reality is quite an upgrade from a Sonic Drive-Thru. 

Anyway, upon arrival we visit a modest RV to meet up with some friends.  Apparently my “friends” consist primarily of Lil’ Wayne.  And he owns an RV furnished almost exactly like the camping trailer owned by my grandparents.  Complete with 6″ black and white TV.  Lil’ Wayne was sitting on his couch, surrounded by whimsical little drawings and scraps of his poetry.  I can’t remember any concrete details of the poems, but I recall them being every bit as witty as his mixtape verse.  My Freudian subconscious was suitably impressed.

Then we go outside to find that I have rented a paddle boat, which I must pull down from the ceiling of a garage.  But this paddle boat has been double-booked (damn you Priceline!), for a very large snake is already in the boat.  Lil’ Wayne helps kill the snake, which has wrapped itself around my neck.  Then, with “The Greatest Rapper and Snake Killer Alive” in tow, we all set off on our merry way, a joyful day of paddle-boating ahead of us.

My new friend and his new video: