All These Teepees – March 15


Image: All These Teepees 

Local SINsations, All These Teepees, will be performing tomorrow night (March 15) at Ada’s legendary A.B.C. Sports Center.  This band is attractive, single, and ready to mingle!  If there is a world to be rocked, they will. 

Opening up for the Teepees will be local dance hero DJ Tanner.  If there is a Full House, DJ Tanner will bring it down. 

9:30 p.m.

1020 N. Mississippi Ave.

Ada, OK

5 George Washingtons is the fee (or 1 Lincoln if you’re nasty)

Must be of legal wino age to enter

Below is a picture of me (on the right, Coors in the aire) with DJ Tanner (mad muggin’ the camera):


3 responses to “All These Teepees – March 15

  1. The tee pees rocked the house, and I had a great time pouncing around on stage, more danceing is to come.
    Thanks for putting up the cinco de mayo pic chris.
    that night was just plain silly.

  2. So I heard Will came to Fayetteville this past week. But I didn’t hear his voice. Booshit. Maybe he just happened to not know that’s where I holler from. TRES booshit.

  3. silenceinarchitecture


    yes. from what i remember cinco de mayo was indeed silly. yes it was.

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