Rattled By the Rush


The All These Teepees/DJ Tanner show on Saturday was great and allowed me the chance to experience a double-header of head-scratching.  I know that the always classy A.B.C. Sports Center isn’t known for regularly pumpin’ out the Justice jamz, but to the “music fans” (without a legitimate medical excuse) who came out and didn’t do the d.a.n.c.e. before the A.T.T.?  Equal sign LAMERS.  What?  Too tired from slowly tapping your foot to Ryan Adams all day?  I keed, I keed (maybe).  But me, Ty Demp, A. Sumpty, Dave “Detroit” Dickinson, and Ohhhhhlen freaking carried your sofistafunk ASSES!  I broke it down IN FLIP-FLOPS, and all you could do is stand back there and fold your arms?  Will Krause: thank you.  Thanx also go out to my sponsor, Miller Light 16 oz. cans.  No thankx go out to the “A.B.C. Regulars” who apparently were too busy attempting to pick up Syphilis to notice the rocking that was rolling around on stage.  Aaron: I’m still disappointed in the lack of shirtlessness and peanut butter.  Other than that, it was a tight night. 

4 responses to “Rattled By the Rush

  1. we don’t have syphilis… ASS! i sprayed for it before saturday!

  2. If I had your dancing skills Christopher I would have been out there, but I don’t 😦

  3. silenceinarchitecture

    ABC Mannnn,

    Super big apologeez. It was still a rockin’ lil’ juke joint, with or without the syphilis crowd. What I want to know is this: since beer helps get my dancing motor cranked, and since my dancing is what people come to see, shouldn’t I get an ABC beer helmet that is constantly replenished for free? I think this is only fair.


    Everyone can dance! You just put your right foot in and your right foot out. Mucho love. 🙂

  4. Everyone can dance??? Um, haven’t you seen your dad try? After 4 or 5 drinks he *thinks* he can dance. He still can’t.

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