An Ancient Chemical Prophesy

Image: Detail from mural found at San Bartolo, Guatemala  
     The end ghost which I saw
while I gazed into the God-Nose
came dancing from his water grave:
     a Quetzalcoatl Jesus.
Ayahuasca messages scrawled on ancient synapses,
a fracture in the cliffside silence,
whispered blood stolen from orchids.
     The bones of a dead race
and the vines on which they hung
became a virgin dance in the lapse of structure.
No–allegro con brio,
a pattern folding over on itself,
back in,
as I saw the devil bird resting
on San Pedro Cacti
     cawing destruction.
–Chris Piercy

One response to “An Ancient Chemical Prophesy

  1. someone thats not davE-

    i like your poetry

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