Daily Archives: March 19, 2008

Sunnis, Shiites, and Slip-Ups…Oh My!

McCain: How am I supposed to know the difference?  This keeping the facts straight gig is hard!

Bush: John, if we admit our “oops” moments in public, we’re only emboldening the people who are interested in facts!

McCain: Shit.  How’d China go about shutting down YouTube?

Friendly Lists: S.

Favorite Songs of the Past Year:
“Magic” by Bruce Springsteen
“Sentence of Sorts, in Konsvinger” by Of Montreal

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment:
“One Love” by Bob Marley – I’ve been really tense lately, but I can’t listen to this song and not dance.
“A Case of You” by Joni Mitchell

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered:
I sort of rediscovered “Arcade Fire” this year, and fell in love with them in a whole new way. I liked them the first time around, but suddenly last spring they were the right band at the right time. They weren’t one of my favorite bands until this year, so does that count?

Favorite Song Ever:
This is always difficult for me, but I think I have to go with “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” by Bob Dylan. It’s poetry, and it never gets old.

Best Recent Concert:
The Flaming Lips on NYE was brilliant. I’m going to see Jens Lekman soon though, and I’m pretty excited about that.

Last Great Film I Saw:
I think the best film I saw this year was “There Will Be Blood.” The last great film I saw was probably “The Band’s Visit” which was simple and funny and sad and beautiful.

Last Great Book I Read:
I recently reread “Shoeless Joe” and I remembered why it is one of my favorites.

First Album You Remember Buying:
I don’t. I’m sure it was some lame Christian band. I was one of those kids. The first album that mattered was “The Joshua Tree”; it changed how I felt about music, which is why U2 will always hold a special place in my heart.

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart:
This varies between friends. Some of my friends listen to “innovative” stuff that honestly just sounds like noise to me. I’m sure it’s all very hip and genius, but I’d rather listen to my Patsy Cline vinyl any day of the week.

Best Purchase of the Last Year:
My turntable, without a doubt. It makes me happy.

Best Thing I Did This Year:
I moved to Dallas. I love my new city.

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment:
Can it be someone else’s drunk moment? Because watching my friend Josh pounding the table and trying to sing “Whiskey in the Jar” was one of the best things I’ve seen in awhile.

Favorite TV Show at the Moment:
I am addicted to “LOST.” It’s really the only thing I keep up with. Also, I watch a lot of “Arrested Development” on dvd.

Favorite Video Game at the Moment:
Does The Sims count? Because I love The Sims.

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product:
Hmmm… I don’t know if there’s one thing. I eat an awful lot of mushrooms and avocados. They go on almost anything.

My Ringtone:
It’s an old telephone ring. Think of your grandma’s phone: yeah, it’s like that.