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Friendly Lists: Sarah Fine

Here’s Sarah Fine’s list.  Make sure you watch the Girl Talk video.  Will Krause is in it.  Word.
Favorite Songs of the Past Year: Are we talking 2K8? Cause from 01.01.08 on, it’s been pretty nuts. For me. When things trickle down to me. List of hot shit that may or may not have been released in 2K8: When Saints Go Machine “You Should Be Someone Else (Moulinex Remix),” Estelle “American Boy (Scuola Furano Fireworks and Tears Rmx),” Bell X1 “Flame (Chicken Lips Remix),” PNAU “Embrace,” Grand National “By the Time (Mondkopf Remix),” Vitamins For You “Flesh Python (Stop Die Resuscitate Remix),” Ghosthustler “Only Me to Trust,” Feist “I Feel It All (Gonzales Remix)” 
Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: I stopped looking back long ago. I also stopped looking peripherally. I also stopped following “bands.”
Favorite Song Ever: Feist “Intution.” It’s come to the point that I can no longer tell if the song reflects my life or I’m living my life to reflect the song. Also, it helps that I’m still not entirely sure what the lyrics are. “Piecemeal can break your home / in half”? I hope so. If Leslie Feist or Erlend Oye or whoever didn’t write that line, I call dibs.
Best Recent Concert: I saw Girl Talk in Tulsa last fall. It was really lame until I jumped up on stage with everyone and worked it.

Last Great Film I Saw: Definitely Maybe. HA! JOKES! No Country for Old Men. I really loved Atonement, too. Both were visually stunning. One super dry, one super wet. Get my drift?
Last Great Book I Read: John McPhee, Uncommon Carriers. I so marvelled at the ins and outs of transportation in the US that I brazenly pounced on a set of UPS drivers, stopped in a toll-road gas station in Kansas, to confirm everything I’d read. They confirmed it all. And were impressed that I knew so much. That or they were just pleased by my apparent alignment with them over FedEx.
First Album You Remember Buying: Probably Amy Grant, tape-style. I got Brandy’s self-titled album on CD for Christmas the year I got a CD player. The first album I bought, soon after, was Alanis Morrissette. If were a white man, I would not have been in this position. And if I were a woman [of any color] I would not have been in this position. I happen to be very lucky to be who I am.
Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart: The morally superior form of hatred is indifference, and I am irately, aggressively ambivalent toward everything I can’t dance to.
Best Purchase of the Last Year: This 1960s school marm dress I found on eBay. I am gonna be a hot prof.
Best Thing I Did This Year: Get accepted to grad school. Get all kinds of cash money to go to grad school. Buy school marm dress to wear in grad school.
Favorite Recent Drunk Moment: Barfed all over people on a plane, returning from a visit to grad school.
Favorite TV Show at the Moment: 30 Rock. 1) Tina Fey is my celebrity look-alike 2) She is a terrific writer. 3) One time someone called her a “cunt” and she made a 30 Rock episode about it happening to Liz Lemon. 3b) One time, someone wrote “cunt” in the snow on the back windshield of my car and I turned it around and made it a reason to love Tina Fey.
Favorite Video Game at the Moment: I haven’t bought a new game since Loco Rocos. And that was about the time I was blowing off my first attempt at applying to grad school. But damn. That game is FUNTIMES!
Most Commonly Eaten Food Product: Edy’s Strawberry Fruit Bars. Or, diet Dr. Pepper. Or, beer. Or, tabbouleh.
My Ringtone: Alan Braxe “Addicted”
Question You Didn’t Ask: Oliver Sachs, the Jezebel editors, William Saletan, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, and Carles from Hipster Runoff.

Death in Tibet

Chinese government authorities have enforced stringent limits on Western reporting of recent Tibetan demonstrations, according to the BBC.  Journalists are all but gone from the region as it has been flooded with Chinese troops.  Chinese officials have recently referred to the Dalai Lama as a “wolf in monk’s clothes” and a “monster with a human face and an animal’s heart.” (NPR)  Chinese officials are apparently very creative with their anthropomorphic accusations. 

Image: BBC 

Tibetan exiles have claimed that close to 100 people have died since this most recent uprising began. 

China has a lot of damage control to do before this year’s Olympics begin.  Visions of ’36 Germany dance in my head.  President Hu Jintao couldn’t be reached for comment on whether the country intends to present the Olympic Committee with a proposal to feed Tibetan monks to the lions during the opening ceremonies.  My guess is Bjork won’t be performing in a soccer field-sized dress this go-round. 

Portishead – Machine Gun (Video)

I was 13 when I first saw Beth Gibbons inexplicably hovering in a city street.  On April 29th Portishead are finally back.  Here’s the new video that isn’t a Jimi Hendrix cover.  This blog is so two days ago.