Portishead – Machine Gun (Video)

I was 13 when I first saw Beth Gibbons inexplicably hovering in a city street.  On April 29th Portishead are finally back.  Here’s the new video that isn’t a Jimi Hendrix cover.  This blog is so two days ago. 


2 responses to “Portishead – Machine Gun (Video)

  1. I am kind of flipping out about this. Am I going to hate it and retrospectively hate on who I was when I loved Portishead? Am I gonna feel weird about how, what with Burial and dub-step, this shit has actually rolled around again? So many questions. Only Beth Gibbons can eerily answer them.

  2. silenceinarchitecture

    I know the entire thing has leaked, but this is definitely something I want to hear in high quality. How about a Burial/Portishead tour? But let’s cut through all the Bristol bullshit for just a second and admit the question that’s REALLY on everyone’s mind:

    When’s the Sneaker Pimp’s new album dropping?

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