Earth Hour

What will I be doing from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tonight?  Eating a meal by candlelight, drinking some wine, and listening to a special mix on the iPod.  Here’s the tracklist for that mix:

  1. Agitation Free – First Communication
  2. Hawkwind – Down Through the Night
  3. Spacemen 3 – Drive/Feel So Sad
  4. Portishead – Deep Water
  5. Robyn Hitchcock – It Was the Night
  6. Amon Duul II – Cerberus
  7. Califone – 7 Million Dollar Funeral
  8. Ash Ra Tempel – Light: Look at Your Sun
  9. Stereolab – Perversion
  10. Tears For Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World
  11. The Cranberries – Linger
  12. Syd Barrett – Here I Go
  13. Psychic TV – The Orchids


On March 29, 2008 at 8 p.m., join millions of people around the world in making a statement about climate change by turning off your lights for Earth Hour, an event created by the World Wildlife Fund.

Earth Hour was created by WWF in Sydney, Australia in 2007, and in one year has grown from an event in one city to a global movement. In 2008, millions of people, businesses, governments and civic organizations in nearly 200 cities around the globe will turn out for Earth Hour. More than 100 cities across North America will participate, including the US flagships–Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco and Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. View cities involved around the world.

We invite everyone throughout North America and around the world to turn off the lights for an hour starting at 8 p.m. (your own local time)–whether at home or at work, with friends and family or solo, in a big city or a small town.

What will you do when the lights are off? We have lots of ideas.

Join people all around the world in showing that you care about our planet and want to play a part in helping to fight climate change. Don’t forget to sign up and let us know you want to join Earth Hour.

One hour, America. Earth Hour. Turn out for Earth Hour!

Earth Hour en Español

Learn about Earth Hour events around the world.

18 responses to “Earth Hour

  1. Earth hour can kiss my arse!

    I’m downloading broadband porn at 8 p.m. in hopes of getting some quicker downloads.

  2. Wow you get some nice and friendly people on your blog lol.

  3. silenceinarchitecture

    Ha. That’s one of my friends. I promised I wouldn’t reveal his identity though. I’ma go kick HIS arse now.

  4. Don’t just buy what Al Gore says. There are many highly educated scientists who disagree with the whole man made global warming theory. There is not a consensus!

    Now I need to go find those albums you are listening to. I need them on vinyl so that they will play on my Jim Bakker signature series reversible turntable.

    Your favorite prehistoric soul

  5. You have to be kidding me! If you disagree so much STOP READING!!!

    Also if you are a so called great Christian and all this you should know God called on us to take care of this plant.

    Let’s see here is what can happen-
    1. We take care of the earth and global warming is real… we slow down all the problems if nothing else.

    2. We don’t take care of the earth and global warming is real… opps we are screwed.

    3. We take care of the earth and global warming isn’t real… the earth is a cleaner better place for all of us.

    4. We don’t take care of the earth and it’s fake… the earth is nasty, dirty, asthma keeps getting more common, etc…

    So tell me how you can say we SHOULDN’T be taking care of the Earth the best we can.

    Also since you didn’t reply last time, I can only guess you couldn’t come up with anything else to say, why can’t you tell us your name? You won’t get junk mail with just a name. What are you so scared of?

  6. silenceinarchitecture

    Ok, I’m going to throw you a very generous bone and just pretend that man-made global warming isn’t happening…can you give me a legitimate reason why conserving the resources we have is a bad thing? Or why we shouldn’t toss our plastic into the ocean? ( Or pump toxic, cancer-causing pollutants into the air? I mean, seriously. It was a wonderfully relaxing hour that my family spent without electricity.


  7. Ok, how can anybody have a problem with conserving energy? Lets say there is no such thing as global warming. There is an energy crisis because I’m paying $4.00 a gallon for fuel and $500 for electricity. And we are polluting the Earth. So what do the “I have my head so far up Rush Limbaugh’s* ass I can’t think for myself” people have against conservation?

    *Used to be a baseball commentator in KC


    Why do you have to piss on everything that is progressive. Why can’t you just go watch Fox News or read Ann Coulter’s latest book and leave us tree hugging, satanic homosexuals be?!

  9. I hope LionsDen decides to let the conservative energy move his/her fingers into typing another post. It really is nice to come home from a long hard day of work to read what I feel could be a script for the Colbert Report. The real thing is so much better than satire.
    Please, throw in some quotes from Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity please. I would sleep soundly at night knowing there was someone stone cold sober that is more ridiculous than me at last call. ❤

  10. Of all the posts my dear son writes, this isn’t one I expected to be controversial. Just shows what I know.

    Our *hour without power* was so pleasant and relaxing that I’d like to make it a weekly occurrence.

    Lion’s Den, if you get tired of picking on Silence in Architecture and want a new target, come on over to my blog, Tea With Dee. I’m much *greener* than my son and (gasp) even take a yoga class! Lots of fodder over there.

  11. haha And if my mom’s blog isn’t enough for you , you can check out my two blogs-
    I’m very much a tree hugger and until earth day there will be tons of green posts for you.

    Still need more? I’m one of those crazy Republicans that doesn’t think 9/11 should have changed the party and have fun reading my anti-war blogs and there is sure to be some pro-legalizing pot on there as well-

    The horrors of it all!

  12. Wow! Some of you sure get wound up easily.

    Did anyone actually read my post without expanding it in their own mind
    based on stereotypes, wild assumptions, and posts from others?

    I simply threw out another point of view on the bigger topic of global
    warming. I just see Earth Hour as a symbolic gesture that really doesn’t
    accomplish very much (the blacked out Goggle page did look good).
    I did not say that you should not turn off your lights for an hour. In
    fact I think you should do much more instead of feeling good for an hour.
    Silence in Architecture, have you stopped to think about the energy consumption
    that supported your Earth Hour. You didn’t say what you ate but it probably
    required internal combustion farm equipment, transportation by truck, and
    electricity or gas to prepare it. Your wine certainly required energy and
    probably pesticides and nitrate based fertilizers in its production. You had
    to charge the batteries in your iPod and your candle had to be produced and
    shipped. Did you light the candle with a match or a butane lighter? You then
    had to use your computer and many other servers to post your activities. We
    all want our comfort and conveniences but there is a cost. Finding the
    right balance is the challenge.

    Some of you certainly let your imaginations run wild when you assume you know
    what my views are on conservation and environmental protection. I happen
    to believe strongly in protecting the environment that God gave us. I am also a
    strong proponent of alternative energy. What I gravitate to are ideas based on
    sound science that protect the environment and help raise the standard of living
    for everyone. I don’t care for wealthy so called environmentalists who buy carbon
    offsets so that they can keep on polluting at a level that dwarfs the environmental
    impact of the average person.

    To Lisa, I can’t figure out why you are so worried about what my name is. Do you
    know the name of “Annonomous Phedophile” and every other poster on here? If I gave
    you my name it wouldn’t mean anything to you and you wouldn’t even know if it was
    really my name. I could be wrong, but it seems like you think I am Sally. Well,
    I hate to disappoint you but I am not Sally Kern nor a friend of hers. In fact
    I had never heard of her until the YouTube controversy broke out. Just like in this
    post, I was simply offering another point of view. I never said you had to agree
    with me. I did have plenty more to say about the previous issue since you expanded
    it into several new areas in your last response to me. Since you were the only one
    that appeared to want to actually debate the issues in a civil manner I felt it was
    time to just drop that thread.

    If you would rather not have posts from those that don’t share your views on everything
    just say so and I will simply sit back and read. If I don’t post occasionally how
    will you keep your comments count up. 😉

    One last thing. I’m suprised that no one commented on my “Jim Bakker signature
    series reversible turntable” remark. I was ROTFLMAOWPIMP as I wrote that.

    Little g

  13. Sorry about the formatting in the last post. That is what you get when you try cutting and pasting out of a different editor.

    Little g

  14. I ask because I know that you are in Ada LionsDen and I have a few guesses who you are and all those guesses tell me why you won’t tell me your name. If you are someone I know then please come to me and tell me to my face all this crap. It’s rude and very cowardly to be hiding like this. And to do I know “Annonomous Phedophile” nope because my brother does know who it is and it’s not someone I know. As my brother said it was a joke, yours isn’t a joke but the cowards way out.

    To your post about Earth Hour, check out what they did last year, if you read the numbers you will know it did a ton of good and it’s more for awareness than anything.

    Being a Christian, I have a huge love for our planet and believe it’s our job to protect it. Also I would like to point out, I’m a Libertarian/Republican. I don’t feel these things should be forced (other than when it is effecting me, such as needless pollution, to get in to that would take far to much time, want to share with me who you are and I will talk to you privately.) to do these things but rewarded when they do. (by reward I mean give us back some of our ‘illegal’ taxes)

    Knowing my mom most of the food should cooked was organic (the wine maybe as well) and/or local. Also think about it this way- they still would have had the same dinner, used the ipod, drank the wine, etc.. SO they did save power.

    Also why don’t you reply to my comments (and many others) about why not save the planet?

  15. By the way I know you aren’t Sally Kern in part because due to your IP address I know you are in Ada and what internet you use. Also I think she has better things to do, like giving speeches about those scary gays.

  16. Also I know you went in to the eco stuff a bit but very little. Also what about living green isn’t based on good science?

  17. silenceinarchitecture

    Yes, LionsDen, I have stopped to think about my energy consumption. That’s why I have taken steps to curb said consumption over the past few years. One hour with the power out won’t fix the planet, but it’s a step, and if millions of people participated then it becomes more than a mere symbolic gesture.

    I have never purchased a carbon offset. I’m still waiting to get rich off of posting blogs about the environment.

    I don’t care if you read my blog and I don’t care if you leave comments, I guess I just don’t really understand why you would want to read this blog. I don’t get the impression that you care anything about the music talked about on this site (which is the primary purpose of the blog), and it isn’t nearly the most incendiary political blog that you could be wasting time arguing with. But whatever.

  18. Do you suppose having to pay your own electric bill will have any effect on your energy consumption?

    Even if one totally discounts the possibility of climate change…even if you don’t care a lick about the next generation…lowering one’s energy usage saves money and I can’t see how anyone wouldn’t be in favor of that. I wonder how many *hours without power* it would take to save the price of a music cd…

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