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My Addiction to Pandora Radio

Over the past couple of weeks I have acquired a deadly addiction.  To Pandora Radio.  I should probably seek help but I have been too busy building up a collection of my own highly specific radio stations. 

Acid Casualty Radio

A head expanding collection of psychedelia and such.  Lysergically lost lads like Syd Barrett, Roky Erickson and Julian Cope populate this rabbit hole.

B.E.A.T. Radio

The nu wave of French Touch and Gonzo Glitch.  Or whatever.  Boys Noize and the like.


The songs that populate the ’80s soundtrack of my mind.  Or Miami Vice music.  Madonna, Cutting Crew, Journey, Eddie Money…

Dad Rock Radio

A rockin station filled with the sounds of riding around as a wee lad in my dad’s pickup.  Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, Zeppelin.  You know, Balls Rock.

Dub Your Head Down Radio

Last summer Daniel and I would blast dub and reggae and go fishing, doing our best to convince ourselves we were in Jamaica.  This is that stuff.

Isolation Radio

The sound of dreary, decaying England, circa the late ’70s and very early ’80s.  Joy Division, The Fall, Gang of Four, and other soot-blackened souls.

Low Down Blues Radio

Cotton pickin’ music.  Stagger Lee haunts these places.

The Modern Things Radio

The hip things hip people listen to these days.  Or at least the things I can be bothered listening to: Liars, Animal Collective, etc.

Nostalgia Trippin’ Radio

Basically the station built to accompany the super popular ’90s list that recently took the blogging world by storm.  Though I’m not sure why Seether kept pooping up, excuse me, popping up.  No, pooping.  I think I’ve fixed that problem.  Flannel and depression.

Our Band Could Be Your Life Radio

Yeah, like the book.  Which I have read more than any other book ever.  American indie from an era when that actually meant something: the ’80s.  So, y’know The Replacements, Sonic Youth, Big Black, the Meat Puppets, and Mission of Burma live here.

Out There Radio

Heavy on esoterism, light on boring.  Sun City Girls, Swans, and a host of other brain-bending things that appear and reappear in the pages of The Wire.

The Rest is Noise Radio

Primarily modern classical music from the 20th Century with a few late 1800s patrons scattered here and there.  Beauty and atonality in one place.

Satan’s Lil’ Good Time Radio

Music approved by the Dark Prince.  Lots of black metal and death metal and doom metal and whatever other types of metal the Devil’s minions have on their black iPods.  Entombed, Slayer, Emperor, Gorgoroth, la la la.

Skeet Fleet Radio

All crack, nothing whack.  Where Lil’ Wayne is President and the Wu-Tang Clan is his cabinet. 

Smoove Mooves Radio

All that jazz.  Ornette, Miles, Coltrane, Mingus and all the hip gang.

Sonic Death Radio

A catch-all for everything.  Eclectic and un-sucky.

Sour Kraut Radio

For when your heartbeat is controlled by that motorik sound of Can, Neu!, and Amon Duul II.

Whiskey and Heartache Radio

Sometimes all you need is a bottle of Jim Beam and a Waylon Jennings record.

Go here and search for to listen.  I’m sure new stations will be added.  And they will rule.

Death Knelly’s New Liz Phair Cover

Do yourself a favor and head over to Death Knelly’s myspace page to hear the awesome cover of Liz Phair’s “Six Dick Pimp”.  The revolution starts hear. 


Pope Pop Revealed to be a Fanta Menace

Today, while driving to work, I heard on the news that Pope Benedict XVI prefers orange Fanta to wine with his meals. Fanta was developed in 1940 by a German Coca-Cola bottling company due to the unavailability of Coca-Cola syrup during WWII. Hell, you know where I’m going with this. Reignite the conspiracy theory flame!

The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#1-#5)


5  Live – Lightning Crashes

4  The Cranberries – Zombie

3  The Wallflowers – One Headlight

2  The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony

1  Smashing Pumpkins – 1979


Sorry for the lack of posts.  Things have been busy in Happyland.  Things will return to normal once we are out of LSD.

New First Baptist Tune

There is yet another new First Baptist Praise and Warship Band song up on the ol myspace page.  It was written by Nick Isom.  It was performed on a theramin by everyone in the world through telepathy.


All These Teepees and The Faith

The Faith

If you didn’t go to the Teepees/Faith(Joe Rushmore) show this past Saturday you missed:

1. Tyler wearing sunglasses ALL NIGHT LONG.
2. Olen doing handstands on the back of an elderly woman.
3. Jezy opening several beer bottles.
4. Laura stealing Nate’s drums…while naked.
5. Aaron doing things with facial expressions that few knew were possible.

Plus, Iggy Pop was there.

Einstein Naked on the Beach

The First Baptist Praise and Warship Band have a new song up on their fabulous myspace page!

The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#6-#10)

10  Pearl Jam – Jeremy

9  Blur – Song 2

8  R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

7  Nine Inch Nails – Closer

6  Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Xiu Xiu Tour Video: New York 2008