Daily Archives: April 3, 2008

Totally True Teepee Tales, Part One

Caught in the Snacked 
After consuming three McFlurrys late last night, and after he promptly kerbarfled on the couch, Tyler Dempsey reportedly went on a whirlwind lovemaking wing-dang-doodle.  A consuming desire to consummate a lubricious lust left seventeen pregnant in his hanky-panky path of prurience.  When pressed for comment, Tyler giggled and said, “This girly gaggle is gobbling something turkey, for I remember not a busty bacchanalia!”  However, considering his constant consumption of liquid courage, it is quite likely this Roman romp was nixed from Tyler’s noggin something nuclear.   

Tiny Tim Turns Down $4 Billion From Live Nation

The New Jersey Times reports that musical phenom and blog sensation Tiny Tim has turned down an offer of $4 billion from Live Nation.  Tiny Tim couldn’t be reached by Silence in Architecture.  Probably because Tiny Tim jumped the shark in 1996…when he died.  An executive with Live Nation told us that, “While we are disappointed in Mr. Tim’s apparent lack of interest, Live Nation will move on to other cutting edge artists, namely Frankie Goes to Hollywood.”