Totally True Teepee Tales, Part One

Caught in the Snacked 
After consuming three McFlurrys late last night, and after he promptly kerbarfled on the couch, Tyler Dempsey reportedly went on a whirlwind lovemaking wing-dang-doodle.  A consuming desire to consummate a lubricious lust left seventeen pregnant in his hanky-panky path of prurience.  When pressed for comment, Tyler giggled and said, “This girly gaggle is gobbling something turkey, for I remember not a busty bacchanalia!”  However, considering his constant consumption of liquid courage, it is quite likely this Roman romp was nixed from Tyler’s noggin something nuclear.   

7 responses to “Totally True Teepee Tales, Part One

  1. oh tyler. im calling on you during the baby making days. minus the kerbarling please

  2. What the hell does rant mean?

  3. I believe it, because there’s a Mcdonald’s bag in that photo. And Tyler Dempsey’s holding it. No evidence of a McFlurry though…

  4. i’m a believer.

  5. I’m with dave where’s the mcflurry? wait…did he eat the cups…hmmm…actually there’s no questioning it…and not to post this where everyone can read it but…I, ryan nickell am actually one of the ones that got impregnated. yes i catched

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