The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#21-#25)

Starting right…about…now I will begin revealing the top 25 alternative radio hits, as voted by YOU the reader.  Close to 300 songs were nominated.  These are the ones that made the final cut.  Discuss.

25   Silverchair – Israel’s son

24   Live – I Alone

23   Everclear – Santa Monica

22   Counting Crows – Mr. Jones

21   Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

19 responses to “The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#21-#25)

  1. Chase Jackson

    Whoa! I’d realize you were looking for mainstream 90’s radio jams. I think my list may have been a little too obscure. I misunderstoood the assignment.

  2. Chase Jackson

    I mean “I DIDN’T realize”. Sheesh!

  3. The memories of being the only 9 year old girl listening to the Edge not kj103. And that had a Gavin Rossdale poster.

  4. silenceinarchitecture

    Ha. It varied. There were other obscure picks, but invariably in a list like this they tend to be down lower in the count. I don’t think anyone would think these are the 25 GREATEST songs of the ’90s, but they are the more mainstream songs that people still tend to agree on.

  5. silenceinarchitecture

    What I may do, after I post the entire list, is go back and pick out the most interesting picks on people’s lists.

  6. How did I forget Santa Monica? So is this a consensus of all everyone sent in?

  7. silenceinarchitecture

    Jesus, yes. These are the songs that got the most votes. Some of these videos are kind of awful, even if the songs are good. I forgot how bad a lot of ’90s music videos were. “Tonight, Tonight” is still pretty awesome though. I like the nice display of rat tail on the “I Alone” vid.

  8. I love the fact that this Counting Crows video is just a literal interpretation of the lyrics.

    No one does that anymore.

    I don’t think.

  9. silenceinarchitecture

    Well, maybe Nickleback. HAHAHAHAHA

  10. I like to smash my crotch up against a pumpkin!

  11. Aww… I forgot about all these except the Pumpkins. Kinda. August and Everything After is one of my favorite CDs ever. That sounds weird to say. Anyway, it’s strange how my brain worked when I was making my list. There were songs I definitely had no problems thinking of, but when I got down to about four left I was struggling to remember what I heard on the radio. Before I bash on “Tonight, Tonight” (which wouldn’t really be bashing), I’d like to say I hope there is at least one more Pumpkins song. This one is sooooo not my favorite. And I want this list to be all about ME dammit. This is a-lot-o-fun, Chris.

  12. Comments and such:

    Ah, silverchair is disturbingly depressing in a most necessary way. not my favorite song by them but still.

    Live is the shit…the first cassette i ever bought myself with peach picking (no lie) money was Live.

    i can’t believe i forgot everclear on my list! me and matt kirk used to sing those songs in music class!

    counting crows…this was on my list…why is it everyone loves this song? i really dont know. i just know i have to sing along with it when it comes on…sha-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la

    and as for the pumpkins…love them and this song. we made tonight, tonight our prom theme as juniors but I’m pretty sure the senior class missed the reference.

    i feel old man

  13. and i can’t wait for the 80’s list…sure to be all over the place…we may have to do categories…i mean, there will be an 80’s list after all of this right? or am i getting ahead of my self. so easily excited.

    chris for president?

  14. silenceinarchitecture

    ’80s list is NEXT!

  15. Looking good so far! I picked a much more obscure Counting Crows song, but this is the one that most people remember along with “A Long December” of course.. Live brings back many memories. My years in high school had a different alternative song for every day, it seems. I remember trying to interpret the lyrics with my friends while driving around with have of us smoking cigarettes with our 32 ounce cokes from Sinclair (which were only 55 cents then!) and the rest of us pretending to smoke – smoking without inhaling. What good times!

  16. this is exciting……!

  17. I got 3 out of 5.

    I approve of this message.

  18. By the way. I nominate the “I Alone” video by Live for “Worst Video to a Really Good Song”: Oh my face, ugh… I can’t feel it… WAIT NO! GET BACK AH! EGAHUGA AH! … ow my head… ugh what’s wrong with it?

  19. Yes! And I’ll fill the 80’s list with the Enz… of course

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