The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#6-#10)

10  Pearl Jam – Jeremy

9  Blur – Song 2

8  R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

7  Nine Inch Nails – Closer

6  Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit

8 responses to “The Top 25 Songs of ’90s Radio (#6-#10)

  1. the first time i saw someone wear a NIN shirt i asked my mom what it was and she said they do drugs.

  2. I’m excited to see the top 5. There are so many great songs on the list so far that I completely forgot about when making my own list.

  3. olen’s response just made me laugh out loud

  4. and since we share an affinity for all things The Edge (yes Chris, I had tapes and tapes too) we should try to find them and compile. I called my dad–who has all of my old tapes as he is the only one with a tape player anymore–and he said inside my Nike box full of tapes are lists that cite Veruca Salt, Oleander, Candlebox, Butthole Surfers, and the like from our gloriously beloved station. Next time I come home please believe that box will resurrect.

  5. silenceinarchitecture

    HOLY POOP! Hopefully mine still work.

  6. I think I still have some old EDGE tapes too at home.

  7. Are we talking about the station out of OKC? Or the one out of Dallas?

  8. silenceinarchitecture

    I was talking about the one out of dallas.

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