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Tonight Sufjan is Penning a Postscript

I have never written seventy-six pages on one subject in my life (that dissertation on Prince’s “Erotic City” is only up to fifty-two); so how does the Illinois governor, Rod Blogojevich, feel about having a seventy-six page complaint filed against him and his chief of staff?  What would I, Christopher Piercy, have to do to get someone to write seventy-six pages about moi?  I have been trying to cause scandals for YEARS now, and the worst I’ve ever gotten is passive-aggressive emails from Baptist youth ministers (ah, First Baptist Praise and Warship Band). 

Perhaps all it would require is somehow worming my way into Illinois politics.  Hey, I’ve been drunk in Chicago too!  In the midst of all this Blago blogging, it’s important to note that TWO previous Illinois governors are already serving prison sentences (George Ryan and Dan Walker).  Illinois is apparently the Cincinnati Bengals of political police-bating.  In that wobbly analogy, I guess Barack would be a less injury-prone Carson Palmer: the calm, handsome guy with a stellar passer rating.  Ahem, this is why I don’t usually write about sports or politics…I can’t tell the damn difference.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the daunting scope of Blagojevich’s misconduct (this guy really delayed building a children’s addition to a hospital because his campaign contributors were late with their forkin’ over?  Cold as ice, man.)

Any scandal which involves Wrigley Field, promises of government assistance in exchange for the ousting of editorial writers critical of said government, attempting to sell a Senate seat the way you would scalp a Bulls ticket, and calling the President-elect a “motherfucker” seems too epic to be true.  But in the same year that Axl Rose attempts to sue Dr. Pepper AND a black man is elected president?  Apparently 2008 was the year of the epic.  Come on, feel the Illinoise!

Robert Wyatt – Shipbuilding (Old Grey Whistle Test)

When the thermometer dips, it often becomes necessary to wrap oneself in the warm melancholy of Robert Wyatt:

Blur – For Tomorrow

Blur had an unbelievably high success rate for writing classic singles, and “For Tomorrow” would certainly be on any shortlist of best Britpop songs. 

Damon, your side projects are fine, but please hurry up and get back to what you do best…and make sure Graham comes along with you.

*Update!: Blur must’ve read my post

From Blur:

Blur will play a live show in Hyde Park in Summer 2009.

Graham Coxon will join Alex James, Dave Rowntree and Damon Albarn onstage for this first time since their Royal Festival Hall performance in 2000.

The concert will take place at London’s Hyde Park on Friday 3rd July 2009, and tickets will be on general sale from 9am Friday 12th December 2008 at www.livenation.co.uk.

All tickets are £45.00, are limited to six per person, and subject to a booking fee.

Favorites: And Don’t the Kids Just Love It (1980)


In these days of GarageBand and Myspace and Autotune it’s easy to take a truly DIY aesthetic for granted. Pockmarked teens in real garages banging out chords in the keys of sexual frustration, social isolation, running down a dream, man, hopped up on Bennies, whatever. In modern times pretty much anyone can make a recording in their bedroom that sounds professional (The First Baptist Praise and Warship Band notwithstanding). The songwriting might be shite, but that’s not the pointe. The Television Personalities had none of these amenities; still their early recordings are amateurish tiny masterpieces. They may not have had access to Mutt Lange (thank the bombastically overdubbed gods for that one), but they did have access to Kinksian songwriting chops. “And Don’t the Kids Just Love It” helped pave the way for the c86 movement of the early ‘80s and the lo-fi movement of the early ‘90s. The music is witty, full of hooks, quietly heartbreaking (the minimalist 50s ballad-style lead guitar and spoken word on “Diary of a Young Man”, especially), and endlessly enjoyable. One of the songs is, tellingly, titled “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives”, and apparently they also knew where he kept that whimsy of his.

(Part of) a Television Personalities documentary:

Laid Back – White Horse

It might just blow you away.

Robert Goulet Shows His Love for the Fanny

From the immortal “Julie Andrews Show”:

Chase Jackson’s Top 25 Albums of 2008, Pt. 1

Here is the first in what we hope will be a series of end of the year guest lists.  This one comes from Chase Jackson, talented soul responsible for the Silence in Architecture-approved Death Knelly.  There are already a few best-of-’08 lists floating out there in cyberspace, but this is probably the best I’ve seen so far. 

Be sure to check out Death Knelly’s air-tight, fly-as-a-kite cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Over and Over“.  

Editor’s Note: The picks are by Chase…the extra videos were chosen by me, so keep in mind they don’t necessarily reflect Mr. Jackson’s favorite songs off of the accompanying album.   

25. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III







24. Times New Viking – Rip It Off







23. Ratatat – LP3

CD book outside






22. High Places – High Places 03/07-09/07







21. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles





20. The Magnetic Fields – Distortion







19. Lykke Li – Youth Novels







18. Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Layout 1






17. Sebastian Tellier – Sexuality







16. The Breeders – Mountain Battles






15. Glass Candy – Deep Gems (A Collection of Singles, B-Sides and Rareties)