Blondie – Rapture

Blake and I just finished watching Downtown 81, the “lost” (and “found”) No Wave film starring Jean-Michel Basquiat.  Before that I drank a tall glass of refreshing water at our BRAND NEW Santa Fe Steak Emporium (not what it is really called, but I wish), accessorized with ice cubes and a real plastic straw, while he and Laura sipped on buzz drinks with fancy country names.  Santa Fe is a classy joint because you can throw peanuts on the concrete floor like true southern folk while watching the rodeo on giant flat screen boob tubes, surrounded by men in tight cowboy jeans, under the watchful dead eyes of decapitated animal carcasses on the wall.  It’s like eating/drinking in a well-staffed barn/morgue.  I’m too plumb tuckered out to write about either cultural experience in depth, but here’s the video to Blondie’s “Rapture”, featuring a cameo by Basquiat standing in for Fab Five Freddy. 



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