New Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: “Can’t Hear My Eyes”


 How do you feel about unbridled subconscious terror filtered through the icy synthesizers of yesteryear and an unsettling but strangely appropriate displacement of self?  How about putting all that in the context of an awkward, contemporary R&B-studded middle school dance? If your first thought was “sign my ass up!” then you’ll need to head over to Gorilla vs. Bear and check out the new track from Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti’s ‘Can’t Hear My Eyes/Evolution’s a Lie’ 7″, out now on Mexican SummerYou can groove on it here

I’m not as versed in his back catalogue as many hyper-obsessed AP fans, but “Can’t Hear My Eyes” features the cleanest production that I’ve heard on an Ariel Pink track. Many may still prefer the muted lo-fi beatbox funkscaping of his earlier work, but — according to the man himself — “everything you think you know [about Ariel Pink] is WRONG – DEAD WRONG. THIS is me, naked, without the buffer of awful tape noise drowning out any lack of vision” (via).

“Are You Gonna Look After My Boys?” from FF>> (2002):




2 responses to “New Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti: “Can’t Hear My Eyes”

  1. I’ve got all the stuff he did as Ariel Rosenberg, Friedman, and Pink (that’s even remotely possible to find), and I don’t think anything could compare, especially to albums like Worn Copy, House Arrest, Thrash and Burn:Pre (Rosenberg era), and FF>>. I’m keeping an open mind, though.

  2. Nice “Bloody (Begonias)-era pic. One of my fave video clips.

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