Thought for Food: “Cover the Earth”

Has anyone ever taken the time to notice how menacing the Sherwin Williams logo is?

“Ask how, ask now, ask why-the-shit are you covering the earth in blood?”

[Author’s disclosure: “Cover the Earth” was the name of a short-lived doom metal band I growled for in high school. Had we known Sherwin Williams was this badass, we may have given some thought to seeking them out as some sort of corporate sponsor.]


One response to “Thought for Food: “Cover the Earth”

  1. silenceinarchitecture

    I have been intrigued/scared to death by this logo since I was a little kid. If you are far enough away it almost looks like the earth is wearing a nice little stocking cap…then BLOOD! This looks more like the logo for a terrorist organization than a paint company.

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