Shit Vids: Nickelback – “Gotta Be Somebody”

In this new feature I will post the most horrendous music videos in the world.  There will be no controversy, as the sucktatude will be glaring. 

First up is the easiest modern target: Nickelback and their recent hit “Gotta Be Somebody”.  As far as I can tell, the band is sucking so bad that the world is being ripped apart.  Dream may become reality when they perform during the halftime show of Super Bowl 57. 



4 responses to “Shit Vids: Nickelback – “Gotta Be Somebody”

  1. You’ve watched it! You can’t UNwatch it!

  2. It’s horrible, right? I saw it for the first time last night after I finished watching Rob Dyrdek’s new show. My first vocal thought: Eww. He dyed his hair and it looks even worse.

    • silenceinarchitecture

      Oh my god, yeah. I went bowling at the trusty A.B.C. Bar last week and they (I’m not kidding) played Nickelback every four or five songs…which prompted me to find out just how horrible their videos are. I’m sure the CGI in this one won’t be dated in, um, minus six years.

      In their defense: making jokes about Nickelback is also probably dated by six years. But, fuck it!

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