Daily Archives: March 5, 2009

New Music: GS Boyz “Stanky Legg”

So this weekend my good friend Nick sent me a text that hipped me to the bounce track “Stanky Leg”.  It takes awhile for these things to reach the backwoods of Oklahoma.  However, I’m fairly sure I’ve been doin’ the Stanky Legg since back in ’06, so bitches pay up!  Catchy and dumb like hepatitis.  I’m crankin’ this out my Civic like a stanky wanksta.


Denton, TX: HXHF

Too broke for SXSW? Why not spend your Spring Break stuffed in a series of cramped, dirty houses being pulverized by noise? If this sounds like you’re thing — it most certainly sounds like mine — then you’ll want to be sure not to miss Denton’s House by House Fest, March 14th-18th.

According to Bunker Hill’s MySpace, the schedule looks like this:

Sat. March 14th 8PM
@ Muscle Beach
The Shivers/Weird Weeds/Champaign Kickoff

Sun. 15th

@ 818 Hickory
UH-OH /Bad Sports + TBA, +1, etc.

Mon. March 16th 7 PM
@ J and J’s Pizza
Magic Lantern/Pocahaunted

Mon. March 16th 11:30 PM
@ Bunker Hill
Box Elders/Lil Daggers/Deserter/Uptown Bums

Tues. March 17th 7 PM
@ 715 Panhandle
WAVVES/Abe Vigoda/Fergus & Geronimo/Fungi Girls

Tuesday March 17th 11 PM
@ 818 Hickory St.
Psychedelic Horseshit/Thomas Function/Yuppies/Lover!

Wed. March 18th 7PM
@ Bunker Hill
The Weakends/Frustrations/Bass Drum Of Death/Outer Spacists
(According to their blog, the folks at Bunker Hill are  in the process of spitting this show up and adding Terrible Twos/Human Eye/FNU Ronnies. I’d be pretty disappointed if Terrible Twos didn’t make it into the mix in some capacity.)