Denton, TX: HXHF

Too broke for SXSW? Why not spend your Spring Break stuffed in a series of cramped, dirty houses being pulverized by noise? If this sounds like you’re thing — it most certainly sounds like mine — then you’ll want to be sure not to miss Denton’s House by House Fest, March 14th-18th.

According to Bunker Hill’s MySpace, the schedule looks like this:

Sat. March 14th 8PM
@ Muscle Beach
The Shivers/Weird Weeds/Champaign Kickoff

Sun. 15th

@ 818 Hickory
UH-OH /Bad Sports + TBA, +1, etc.

Mon. March 16th 7 PM
@ J and J’s Pizza
Magic Lantern/Pocahaunted

Mon. March 16th 11:30 PM
@ Bunker Hill
Box Elders/Lil Daggers/Deserter/Uptown Bums

Tues. March 17th 7 PM
@ 715 Panhandle
WAVVES/Abe Vigoda/Fergus & Geronimo/Fungi Girls

Tuesday March 17th 11 PM
@ 818 Hickory St.
Psychedelic Horseshit/Thomas Function/Yuppies/Lover!

Wed. March 18th 7PM
@ Bunker Hill
The Weakends/Frustrations/Bass Drum Of Death/Outer Spacists
(According to their blog, the folks at Bunker Hill are  in the process of spitting this show up and adding Terrible Twos/Human Eye/FNU Ronnies. I’d be pretty disappointed if Terrible Twos didn’t make it into the mix in some capacity.)



3 responses to “Denton, TX: HXHF

  1. silenceinarchitecture

    WAVVES, Abe Vigoda, and Psychedelic Horseshit all on the same night??? Epicenter!

  2. silenceinarchitecture

    Also: stupid confession time…there is a country road between Ada and Oklahoma City called Box Elder, and I remember the first time I noticed it, on the way to a junior high soccer game, I had no idea what a box elder was. So I thought, “What the hell? Why is there a street named after a Pavement song?” Apparently there is a band named after a country road that’s named after a Pavement song. God, I swear I graduated college.

  3. Psychedelic horseshit, Fungi girls, Wavves, Abe Vigoda,Yuppies,Fergus & geronimo, Lover!, and Thomas function All played at 715 panhandle and it was great, Lots of weed and beer.

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