Review: Wavves “Wavvves”



Wavves’ lo-fi noise-pop (how many gazillion times have we heard those sonic designators over the past couple of years?) extends in a line from Swell Maps thru Royal Trux thru Sebadoh thru Ariel Pink thru Times New Viking.  Basically, Nathan Williams isn’t really doing anything “new”, but if the hype surrounding his second release is any guage, he’s doing something people still gobble up.


This is not the So-Cal sound swinging from The Pusscat Dolls’ udders.  This is the grimy music that hides behind the dumpster in Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive”.  The question that I’ve had with The Smell (No Age, Abe Vigoda, etc.) zeitgeist is the same I have with any scene: is there anything behind the veil (faux-homelessness in this case)?  Are they hanging out behind the dumpster because smelling like trash gets you pussy these days?  Something about the day-glo shorts/Cobain flannel ratty hair vegan hipster kind of makes me want to punch a chicken.  Or do drugs un-ironically.  Whatever.  I can’t help but put “No Hope Kids” on repeat and just let the cheap sounds of post-post-post-everything tickle my funbone.  That’s what I have to do with this music: put down the pitchfork, quit chugging Pabst, and just appreciate this as one of my favorite albums of 2009 so far. 



“So Bored”:




Wavvves comes out March 17 on Fat Possum

Buy: Insound





9 responses to “Review: Wavves “Wavvves”

  1. this is a lot better than blow age….but they’re all still a bunch of f-ing pussies…..they couldn’t hack it in oklahoma…..or in my brain…..someday i will eat this new scene……i’m sorry i don’t normally talk crap about people….but this is more like stating facts… “i’m so bored”

  2. okay, i really don’t have a beef with these people…’s just that (everything) i hear nowadays is for a new generation (of pussies) and the gap between it and i is growing ….and they fall under the category of (everything) and (pussies) — and i’ll probably still listen to ’em ( cause i’m a pussy too)

  3. how the hell do i delete the previous comments/????

  4. aaron….i remember when i re-met you and i put your name into my phone and i spelled it aaron and then you said no joe its not with two aa’s ,,,actually-do you know what all you blog people, i was gonna write a comment with a really funny annecdote, but as i was typing aaron said, can you imagine a pussy with a turd cumming out of it……what????? really thats the last thing i ever want to imagine, and he just called me an asshole, the proceeded to call everyone an asshole, well you know what aaron, youre the assshole. so fuck it. i love pusssy.

  5. how the fuck do you delete comments. ?

  6. i was describing the new scene joe…..get on board you asshole…..asshole…….asshole…’re all assholes… stink and there’s an over abundance of you…….us……..

    i’m sorry so many bad words have been used
    i’m sorry so many terrible languages have been used
    i’m sorry so many assholes
    i’m sorry me
    i’m sorry you
    i’m sorry yrros
    sorry sorry soryy soryr
    really though

  7. looks like joe said all of that and i didn’t….i win obviously

  8. silenceinarchitecture

    You guys are ridiculous. And pussies. I’m going to beat both of you up and reinact scenes from G.G. Allin’s life.

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