New Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “I Am Goodbye”

Since last year’s phenomenal Lie Down in the Light, I’ve experienced a sort of Bonnie “Prince” Billy resurgence. I thought that album’s surprisingly optimistic tone and direct, down-home sensibilities were particularly refreshing. We know Will Oldham chiefly as the crushing doomsayer of the neo-folk hereafter; it was a pleasant surprise, then, to hear him exploring such different thematic and tonal spheres. That isn’t to say that the gloom is gone — it’s just been tooled around a bit, reinterpreted.

So, when I saw the cover of his new album, I’d planned to count Lie Down in the Light as his sole foray into the happier side of family reunions and public fellatio. But this new video for “I Am Goodbye” suggests that maybe Oldham isn’t quite finished with the lighter side of this nasty business of being alive:

[Beware is out March 17th on Drag City.]



One response to “New Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – “I Am Goodbye”

  1. this was excellent — now i wanna hear the album

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