My Bloody Valentine Coming to Dallas(!)


It’s on a Wednesday night, a three hour drive from where I live, but possible tinitus or exhaustion will not stop me from seeing My Bloody Valentine rip apart The Palladium on April 22.  Tickets going on sale tomorrow at 10:00 a.m.

Full Dates:

04-18 Indio, CA – Coachella
04-21 Austin, TX – Austin Music Hall
04-22 Dallas, TX – The Palladium

04-24 Denver, CO – The Fillmore Auditorium

04-27 Seattle, WA – WaMu Theater at Qwest Field

05-28 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival
05-29 Barcelona, Spain – Primavera Sound Festival



3 responses to “My Bloody Valentine Coming to Dallas(!)

  1. that’s my birfday

  2. i put in my order, then it said 103 dollars and i cancelled my order…..someone convince me to go before it sells out. i know its mbv, but fuck, i dont pay that much for shows, whatever….chris..are you coming down on tues for wavves and abe? jezy? are you goin? lets do it. also, i think tickets are still available for tricky on monday….seriuosly..fuckin tricky do it, 20 dollars….well what else will i s[pend 103 dollars on besides chipoltle and getting my dick sucked by aaron…… the next twentyfour hours i will spend my hundred dollars on mbv tickets or ecstacy…and i will base my decision on the comments from this blog…so here it is. a chance for all those people in the world who dont know me and those that do but just dont give a fuck to help me figure my fucking life out…..i like drugs and music…what do you like? tell me so i can be someone.


    • silenceinarchitecture

      I just watched a documentary on the Biography channel about crystal meth. I didn’t know that crystal meth was a big enough star to have a Bio doc, but whatever. Basically it was saying that crystal meth is bad for you, but it didn’t say ANYTHING about My Bloody Valentine. I’m waiting by my t.v. to see if they show a biography of MBV so that I can decide my feelings about them. I know that I love them, but am I pluggin’ up the wrong butthole by doing so?

      Yeah, you should go.

      Tricky!!! Dammit. I’m still undecided about the WaVVes/Vigoda show because, as Aaron would say: “I’m a pussy”.

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