Shit Vids: Chris Cornell “Part of Me”

I had a pretty awful feeling when I heard Chris Cornell was teaming up with Timbaland to record an album.  Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands, and Cornell was one of rock’s truly great frontmen, but dude is well past his grace period.  Just how bad is this?  Think Rob Thomas/Santana.  Or Marc Anthony’s “I Need to Know”.  I’m not even sure a Nickleback/Fatboy Slim jam would be worse than this.  This is actually so terrible that I’m having trouble coming up with snarky things to say about it. I seriously feel like I’m making fun of someone with Downs Syndrome.  How do you go from “Room a Thousand Years Wide” to this?

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3 responses to “Shit Vids: Chris Cornell “Part of Me”

  1. well i’m depressed now thanks chris

    • silenceinarchitecture

      I wish I had never seen that video…which is why I posted it. I wanted everyone to share in my misery. I mean…what the hell? I need to spend all day listening to “Badmotorfinger” and “Superunknown” to cleanse myself.

  2. i hate chris cornell from now on, they r silly with their faces sayin’ ‘yo we want to make some money with something so tell chris that if he shakes his ass with the girls that could sell much’ and and this guy chris who has a blurred brain i think (!) try to sing like some popstars, so why the hell u were in Audioslave or soundgarden? this is meaningless i cant and i never will understand the point of this.. maybe i am so good at ‘be’ ing myself!

    just rememberin’ the lyrics of ‘be yourself’ ..

    this reminds me of vanilla ice try to became a hardcore star a little while ago..

    make music not chewing gums

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