Local Music: Chrome Canyons – “Always Sinking”


What’s the point of writing for a blog if you can’t be a little self indulgent? In my case, that translates to me telling you to listen to my band, Chrome Canyons; and that translates to asking you to please gather around me in a circle while I feverishly masturbate.

Okay, so maybe I don’t harbor that sort of self-importance. Chrome Canyons was actually a project that never quite got its legs. We practiced a handful of times in Aaron’s living room, recording our songs on the fly and with minimal takes, and that’s about as far as it went. But we’ve got a new song up, which features a guest appearance by the Pontotoc County Chairman (Ryan McMahan).

Listen to it here.

Aaron is in the process of getting the hell out of dodge and heading back north to Oklahoma. We hope we can still do some long-distance recording together, and there’s talk of making our live debut at Happyland 2009, so hopefully this isn’t the last you hear from us.



3 responses to “Local Music: Chrome Canyons – “Always Sinking”

  1. if our production values continue increasing at this rate i’d say we’ll probably have pyrotechnics and topless dancers at happyland….and a helicopter.

  2. silenceinarchitecture

    How about I dance topless and light myself on fire? That will get two birds stoned with one RAWK.

  3. i’m in

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