Review: Condo Fucks “Fuckbook”


This band sux.  They are stealing all of their ideas from other bands and stuff.  And bro, it sounds like shit.  Are they using K-Mart amplifiers or something?  Ever heard of Pro Tools?  I think this band is trying to be No Age, which is this totally ill band that my friend Joe Rushmore loves.  Nice try, but the Condo Fucks look so old I bet they have a legitimate prescription to Viagra.  And their clothes aren’t very cool.  I bet they aren’t even vegans.


So, everyone knows that the Condo Fucks are really Yo La Tengo in their just-fer-kicks civvies (despite the intricate false backstory).  This brief LP is stuffed with a package of ace covers (including Richard Hell, The Electric Eels, and The Flamin’ Groovies) with all the sonic detail of a beer-bonged basement act.  Beneath this sub-Neon Boys fuzz, it’s still clear this is a band completely in control of their rock and roll.  Rarely has this stellar trio sounded like they were having so much fun, and they attack each track with a Raw Power energy that conveys their genuine love of this music.

It goes without saying that this is a minor addition to their already killer proper discography, but it’s a completely worthwhile record.  Crank this at your next bar-b-que and your guests may temporarily forget that they won’t be able to retire until ten years after their deaths.

“Straight Outta Connecticut” Mini-Documentary:

[Fuckbook is out now on Matador.]

Buy here.


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