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New Music: Neon Indian – “Should Have Taken Acid with You” and “6669 (I Don’t Know If You Know)”

Last night I was tipped off on a mysterious new project which, despite my best efforts, I’ve been unable to stop jamming. The anonymous party (parties?) responsible for Neon Indian are keeping a tight lip on his/their identity, a charming element of mystique which serves to enhance their already glimmering otherworldliness.

We may not know who is responsible for Neon Indian’s endlessly approachable groovescapes, but one thing is clear: this is some of the freshest, most invigorating new music I’ve come across in a good while. It’s lush, its infectious; it’s sexy, fun and meticulously crafted.

Throughout it all, Neon Indian manages to maintain a constant sheen of nostalgic bliss, of the youthful indiscretions of yesteryear combined with the malleable, imagined possibilities of the future.  Lyrically, “Should Have Taken Acid with You” is equal parts missed opportunity and optimistic romanticism:  “Should’ve taken acid with you / take our clothes off in the swimming pool Should’ve taken acid with you / tell my parents that I’m staying with you.”

For the purposes of trite classification, I’m thinking Orange Juice (the band) on a night drive through the city. Or the unassuming  electro-charm of Future Bible Heroes meets New Order for an after-school heavy petting session under the bleachers. The beauty of Neon Indian, though, is not so much that it resists classification, but rather that it somehow manages to be everywhere at once. Feast on a couple gems of auditory ambrosia below:

Should Have Taken Acid with You

6669 (I Don’t Know If You Know)

[Neon Indian on MySpace Music]


The Cult – “Fire Woman” (1989)

I used to pretend that I didn’t love this song.  I struggled for years with feelings of guilt and confusion.  The song’s chorus would pop randomly into my head and I’d rip off my shirt and strut around the room, and immediately I’d start sobbing and promising myself that it would never happen again.  Then I realized that sometimes whiskey tastes better than wine and sometimes “Fire Woman” sounds better than everything else.