The Cult – “Fire Woman” (1989)

I used to pretend that I didn’t love this song.  I struggled for years with feelings of guilt and confusion.  The song’s chorus would pop randomly into my head and I’d rip off my shirt and strut around the room, and immediately I’d start sobbing and promising myself that it would never happen again.  Then I realized that sometimes whiskey tastes better than wine and sometimes “Fire Woman” sounds better than everything else.



3 responses to “The Cult – “Fire Woman” (1989)

  1. I have very distinct memories of jammin’ hard to this song in my mom’s minivan on the way to elementary school. (Thanks, Flashback Cafe.)

    It made me feel 30x cooler walking into class with my Mortal Kombat lunch box, a feeling I somehow manage to re-visit with each listen.

    • silenceinarchitecture

      Damn. So you were one of the Mortal Kombat lunch box kids? I must’ve looked like a fool with my Dan Quayle potatoe sack.

  2. Why would you even try and prevent the inevitable?
    Seriously, this song… it’s awesome, alright. Besides, the MK lunchboxes were where it was at.

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