Animal Collective – “My Girls” (Unofficial Alt. Video)

Merriweather Post Pavilion has somehow managed to rocket Animal Collective into that blissful paradise known as Mega-Backlash.  A paradise city where the grass is weak and the beer is shitty (we get it, we get it…you’re only drinking High Life ironically). The band didn’t suddenly become less great (or strange) just because your brother heard them at a frat party. My friend, Nick, wore female clothing at a frat party and climbed into a tree…and then was nearly murdered by testosterone mutants. The girl Nick acquired his wardrobe from grabbed my crotch right next to the ice luge. Ice luges are gross and kind of awesome. And kind of slutty. Cold regret. 

Yes, it’s weird that Animal Collective seem about as ubiquitous as the fucking Killers, but it’s way past time to quit complaining when a good band becomes popular.  So the next time a more pretentious-than-thou kid tries to tell you Animal Collective jumped the shark after Here Comes the Indian, shove a Six Finger Satellite up his ass. 

Nick’s roommate, Rob Chesnutt, made his own video for “My Girls”. It’s better than twenty ice luges.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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3 responses to “Animal Collective – “My Girls” (Unofficial Alt. Video)

  1. silenceinarchitecture


    Yes, I drink High Life…but not ironically. It’s just cheap.

    No, I don’t feel regret for all the frat parties I went to in college.

    Yes, I realize I constantly play the game of more pretentioius-than-thou. (See completely unnecessary Six Finger Satellite reference).

    I’m a total fraud.

  2. this video > mouth herp

  3. dude, that vid is awesome in some spots!

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