Shit Vids: Disturbed – “Stupify”

Considering that Chris and I are currently “down with the sickness,” it seems a more appropriate time than ever to reach into the ever-expanding depths of the Shit Vids vault and present our loyal readers with yet another installment of the profoundly awful: Disturbed’s “Stupify.”

If you manage to sit through all four minutes and eleven seconds of this piece of shit, you’ll undoubtedly have a few questions. Allow me to clear up a couple things: yes, he mentions the projects and the barrio by name (and implores them to rock); and, yes, he’s wearing a straight jacket during the sitar-studded “breakdown” at 2:33 (which is, like, totally cultural and shit).

But on with the show. Before we get to the shit, however, I want to leave you with a powerful endorsement from YouTube user and freedom-defender AllAmericanGIJoe: “We blast that shit in Iraq all the time! It’s the best.”

– Jezy

3 responses to “Shit Vids: Disturbed – “Stupify”

  1. To make matters worse, this song is my boss’ ring tone, and that bitch CANNOT SILENCE HER CELL PHONE. Listen to 0:51 to 1:00 for a small taste of my personal hell.

  2. This cured what was left of my sickness.

  3. silenceinarchitecture

    I think my cold has now morphed into the plague.

    This is from that most hallowed-of-all musical eras when everyone who seemed to start a popular band did so based on the influence of the first KoRn album (and absolutely nothing else). OK, so in the case of Disturbed…I’m pretty sure they heard one Gravity Kills song.

    On a more serious side-note: To anyone who has ever watched this Disturbed fella give an interview on VH1 (usually talking about the badassity of, say, Judas Priest), here is a question…is he the least well-closeted frat metal frontman of all time? I’m not taking a cheap jab here, I sincerely wish that some of these obviously homosexual frontmen of homophobia-churning mook metal bands would come out. Maybe then the tribal tat bros who idolize them will harbor a less deadly view of homosexuality.

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