Crystal Castles Cancel Concert, Put on Bitch Fest


…and today Silence in Architecture morphs into TMZ Lite.

As was already reported by Gorilla vs. Bear, Crystal Castle’s scheduled concert in Dallas last night hit an Axl Rose-sized snag when said band decided to pretend they were actual rock stars.  That is to say, they kicked SiA-approved openers VEGA off the bill for allegedly jacking equipment and proceeded to cancel the show altogether, citing the Grenada’s supposed lack of an adequate sound system.  As someone who has witnessed a few (great) shows at the Grenada, I’m having a tough time swallowing that swill.  In addition, Alan Palomo of VEGA adamentally denies the former accusation.  Taking into account that the Grenada backs Palomo’s version of the story and he is a friend of Jezy, I’m much more apt to discount CC’s frankly ludicrous statements.

While I’m sure the crowd was quite perterbed by CC’s diva-ish behavior, we can fortunately report that the situation didn’t escalate into a Montreal-style Guns ‘N Roses riot; perhaps because the ironic mulleted fan is less hopped up on testosterone than the real deal.  In any case, the Grenada and VEGA appear to come out as the more mature participants in this rather silly, yet unfortunate, drama.

So here’s my brief lecture for Crystal Castles: It is unwise to begin acting like Rock Stars hopped up on diva juice before you prove yourself capable of actual stardom.  At least when Lars and Axl decided to shit on their fans they had already sold millions of records.  Most people stole your debut and the recycle bin is just one mouse click away.

Suck on that 8-bit shit, fuckas.


4 responses to “Crystal Castles Cancel Concert, Put on Bitch Fest

  1. I love that Crystal Castles gets all precious over a misplaced FX-pedal and call it theft. Of course, the only things CC is used to stealing are other people’s artwork and samples. (Aw, shit!)

    Seriously: fuck those guys. They’ll be a laughable novelty act in three years, anyway. It’s pretty pathetic that such a mediocre band is so shamelessly self important.

  2. Crystal Assholes.

  3. Yeah this is pretty messed up. I’ll have to get my “CC fix” from now on by listening to Kap Bambino instead.

  4. You know what I like to do? I like to visit music stores and take the Crystal Castles CDs, and then I just hide that shit EVERYWHERE. I like to think that it will eventually destroy their fan base in America. Goddammit, I am far too passive aggressive for my own good.

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