New Music: Sonic Youth “Sacred Trickster”

After reading those words, you may have just squealed like a 5 year-old girl.

I did.

Yes, Sonic Youth has released a track from their upcoming album (and Matador debut), The Eternal, which is due out June 9. By clicking on this word: WOOT!, you can listen to an album sampler that Matador has put up.

“Sacred Trickster” is the album opener. And like all SY records, this one sets up the pace and raises your expectations. Kim’s vocals sound fantastic and it moves fast, clocking in a blistering 2:11. The press release that comes with the song talks about how The Eternal will be a genuine musical follow-up to the 2006 cut, Rather Ripped. However, “Sacred Trickster” reminds me of a Goo B-Side instead.

Either way, the Earth is better off, right?

Oh, also be sure to check out The Eternal‘s great pre-order package through Matador’s excellent “Buy Early Get Now” program. Pre-order bonus!!!!

Enjoy your day!


3 responses to “New Music: Sonic Youth “Sacred Trickster”

  1. I want to give Matador some bad press real quick:

    I ordered the re-issue of “Brighten the Corners” through Matador’s Buy-Early-Get-Now program last November as a Christmas present for my girlfriend, and it didn’t arrive until February of 2009. This was after a three-month swarm of angry e-mails from me demanding either a refund or the product.

    As I told the dude from Matador, I will never give them my money again. They put out some great albums, but they’re clueless when it comes to customer service.

  2. Huh, that sucks.

    Well, I’m going to pre-order through Amoeba, so hopefully that won’t be an issue.

    Sounds like the time I pre-ordered The Life Aquatic off of Amazon, only to have it never show up.

    3 weeks later…

    Me: Hi, uh, I never received my copy of Life Aquatic that I pre-ordered.

    Amazon: …..Are you sure?


    Amazon: Well it shows here that you did.

    Me: But I didn’t.

    Amazon: Are you sure?

    30 mins later, they agree to send me “another copy”

  3. silenceinarchitecture

    My mom(!) ordered “Brighten the Corners” thru Matador’s pre-release for my Christmas present and had no problems, but that’s the only experience I’ve had with them.

    It sucks something major that they lost all their old vinyl masters. How does something like that happen!?

    Anyway…I know that this album is out there in Internet Land, but I haven’t heard it yet. I’m always pumped for a new SY release, but I think this is the most excited I’ve been in years for one of their albums. I will definitely be seeing them on this tour, since I haven’t seen them since before “Sonic Nurse” came out (which was one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen: Comets on Fire opened and Jim O’Rourke was still in the band AND Thurston accepted a present from Chase Jackson. Ha.)

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