Trailer: “Whatever Works” (2009)

Let me tell you right off, okay? I’m not a likeable guy.”

Finally, the film we’ve been quietly (or not so quietly) anticipating for the past year — Whatever Works, Woody Allen’s newest flick starring enthusiastically curbed Seinfeld creator Larry David. This marks Woody’s triumphant return to NYC and, from the looks of the trailer, a pretty by-the-numbers return to form:

– First person narration? Check.

– Underage love interest? Check.

– Existential crises? Check.

– Bouncy jazz number? Check.

Aside from Larry’s brief cameos in Radio Days and New York Stories, this marks the first major collaboration between two of my favorite Jews. If someone could have convinced Philip Roth to participate in the writing process, we’d be dealing with the the ultimate trifecta of psychoneurosis.


4 responses to “Trailer: “Whatever Works” (2009)

  1. Evan Rachel Wood…….ugh.

    As much as I love Woody, LD, and Patricia Clarkson, the trailer is disappointing.

    come on curbseason7!!!!!

  2. I’ll admit, the trailer often teeters toward cheese. It’s a lot “cuter” than I was expecting, but I still have high hopes.

    I’m with you on Evan Rachel Wood, but I’m crossing my fingers for the possibility that she might channel Mira Sorvino in “Mighty Aphrodite” and exist as both an obnoxious and strangely compelling female lead.

    Sidenote: I just read that she is starring in the upcoming adaptation of Philip Roth’s “American Pastoral.” WTF?

  3. speaking of shit actors for possibly awesome movies. the too young and handsome vigo mortenson for ‘The Road’ some boy that looks to old for the character and Charleze ‘im not afraid to go without makeup for a serious role, but if you could maybe touch up that one little spot right there below my lifted cheeks” theron. goddamn i hate her.
    but i must say this woody allen movie looks pretty damn good, i think larry david and woody allen are both at their best while cheezin it up.

  4. I fucking love Patricia Clarkson! Give her an Oscar allready!!

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