Daily Archives: May 14, 2009

Poem: “I Shall Make My Soul Dance”

Now shall I make my soul dance,
stir it to twisting delirium,
this wreck of a body I’ll lift
on high.

A violent luck and embellished instruction
to no more quaint suffering
than a bowl of soup
for strained throat which howled at life
like a mutt chasing cars.

Though our bones mingle,
and my fingers quake,
this is how I shall make my soul
and preach furious chance—
even on Saturdays,
even when god sleeps,
even when the sun dies.

That’s when I shall make my soul dance.



New Music: Stream the New Wilco Album!

Yeah, you read that correctly. Wilco has put their new album, in its entirety, on their website!

How ’bout that for a shot in the arm!

Wilco “(The Album)” is due out on June 30. I’ve given it a few spins today, and I’m glad it’s here in time for the summer!

…Oh wait, you want a link?

Wilco “(The Album)”