New Music: Astro


I actually can’t tell  you too much about this band because I am not fluent in Spanish.  What I do know is that they are apparently based in Santiago, Chile, a beautiful and modern capital situated below the gaze of the Andes Mountains and Chilean Coastal Range.  I also know that America is a very fat country and Chile is a very skinny country.  At least geographically speaking.  Oh, and Astro make really fun music.

The band have a six-song digital EP that you can purchase on their MySpace page.  I guess you could call this Chilewave, if you wanted to be an idiot.

MP3s (Available for free on

Maestro Distorsion

Hongo Atomic

Chris Piercy

2 responses to “New Music: Astro

  1. Hi! You should know more about Astro, these guys rock!!
    But you should learn also, that Chile is in America!! South america to be more specific 🙂
    And yes, the country is skinny, but so beautiful, with mountains and beaches all around!

  2. silenceinarchitecture

    Ha. Dangit! That’s what I get for typing a quick post. There I go acting like George Bush and calling the United States of America merely “America”. Oops. Sorry! Mucho amore to Chile from Oklahoma! 🙂

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