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Death in Tibet

Chinese government authorities have enforced stringent limits on Western reporting of recent Tibetan demonstrations, according to the BBC.  Journalists are all but gone from the region as it has been flooded with Chinese troops.  Chinese officials have recently referred to the Dalai Lama as a “wolf in monk’s clothes” and a “monster with a human face and an animal’s heart.” (NPR)  Chinese officials are apparently very creative with their anthropomorphic accusations. 

Image: BBC 

Tibetan exiles have claimed that close to 100 people have died since this most recent uprising began. 

China has a lot of damage control to do before this year’s Olympics begin.  Visions of ’36 Germany dance in my head.  President Hu Jintao couldn’t be reached for comment on whether the country intends to present the Olympic Committee with a proposal to feed Tibetan monks to the lions during the opening ceremonies.  My guess is Bjork won’t be performing in a soccer field-sized dress this go-round.