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Death Knelly – “Dancing Feet”

Death Knelly is at it again.  Children, hide your parents.


Shit Vids: Garth Brooks “Standing Outside the Fire”

When Jezy nominated this video as a “Shit Vids” candidate my first thought was: “Does he hate the mentally challenged?”

I should come clear and admit that the first cassette tape I ever owned was Garth Brooks’ Ropin’ the Wind.  To a kid who lived in the country surrounded by pet cows who would regularly bump into our giant satellite dish, rendering it impossible to see “Thundercats” through the static, the album was a godsend.  Why I never became a professional bull rider is still a question I wrestle with every morning as I put the first dip of Skoal in my lip.

Anyway, this video is retarded.  It’s one of those condescending pop culture moments, like I Am Sam, “Life Goes On“, or Sean Hannity’s career, that attempts to show us that mentally challenged people can do anything.  Instead of being a heartwarming inspiration, these things usually just end up being exploitative.  And, or, they gravely misuse Beatles songs.

So, in this video we have a bucolic kid with Downs Syndrome who wants to try out for his high school’s regular track and field event rather than the Special Olympics version.  Mom like this idea.  Dad and coach no like this idea.  Think idea bad idea.

His mother is a constant encouraging force, even going so far as to let the boy nearly run over some high school chicks in her car (0:29).  And you thought Student Drivers were a terrorizing presence on the road!  What the father says at 1:08 is called “foreshadowing”.  Inexplicably, at 1:58, Garth decides this is a Metallica video, complete with fire and The Hetfield Evil Eye.  Or did the kid literally torch his school by running so damn fast?  Make sure you keep watching because at 2:30 comes one of the most dramatic moments in CMT history.  It might also be called “child abuse”.


New Music: Ryan McMahan “Magnum Opus/Cool”

Ryan McMahan is an enigma.  He was the former chairman of the Pontotoc County Republican party and a vehement denouncer of George W. Bush’s policies.  He is the best trick BMX rider that I know.  He looks like he should be on the beach and yet he sounds like he’s from…well, Oklahoma.  He taught himself to play the piano, and has branched into writing his own compositions.  Oh, he’s also one of my best friends and favorite people on this planet.  Here’s what he had to say about his new tune:

If I had to say anything about it… It’s just a revised version of the 3rd song I made. I spent a lot of time on it, and umm.. It’s like Jesus in a way. It dies, and then it comes back to life on the third measure.  It really has no name but it goes by “Magnum Opus/Cool”.


Pavement – “Major Leagues” (1999)

This alternate video was directed by Lance Bangs — whose resume boasts videos for Sonic Youth’s “The Diamond Sea,” GBV’s “Game of Pricks,” and a slew of other greats — and, while keeping with Pavement’s affinity for the absurd, captures the dreamy, pensive nostalgia of this Terror Twilight standout:


Black Milk – “Losing Out” (feat. Royce da 5’9″)

Following up the first single (“Give the Drummer Sum“) from 2008’s  phenomenal Tronic —  the cleanest, freshest and most out-of-control rap production of last year — is Black Milk’s newest jam, “Losing Out.”

Aside from being the strongest track on Black’s near-perfect album, it finds the Detroit MC/Producer working with the assaultingly gifted Royce da 5’9″ (see: Elzhi’s “Motown 25“) in one of the most harmonious vocal pairings this side of Madlib and Guilty Simpson:


Swans – “New Mind” (1987)

“sleep heavy with tired trees/the mute tortures the struggles of flesh in its bruised husk…”–Tristan Tzara from “Approximate Man” (1931)

Michael Gira continues to document these mute tortures and the struggles of flesh with The Angels of Light, but he does so with a slightly softer touch than he did during his Chernobyl-bleak days fronting Swans.  Which isn’t to say that his music has become any less powerful, but sometimes it’s necessary to spend time with his “purely abstract, surreal, and violent” era (as Justin Broadrick would say).

This promo was released to accompany Children of God, which is one of the high points of the Swans discography.


New Music: Moby “Shot In The Back Of The Head”

There was a point in my life where I was afraid to admit that I was a Moby fan. I hid Play from friends, fear of ridicule….. I blame you, “South Side.”

But now, a lot of people have come to terms that Moby makes good music. Well, most of the time.

Anyway, today, he announced his new album Wait For Me is due out June 30.

He also released this new vid, for the first single, “Shot In The Back Of The Head.”

Warning: This video is directed by THE David Lynch.

Rejoice accordingly.


Suede “So Young” (Live, 1993)

“So Young” was the first song on Suede’s classic self-titled debut, and the following is taken from the concert video “Love & Poison”.  Suede and the follow-up, Dog Man Star, are two of my favorite albums.  Whenever I watch their live performances I’m reminded of the dearth of legitimate rock stars left on this planet.  They certainly had charisma out the arse.


Earth, Wind & Fire – “Let’s Groove” (1981)

The following is proof that music video technology really didn’t need to progress any further than what was available in 1981.  Pop culture ephemera: this was the first song to air on BET’s “Video Soul”.

It’s Spring so let’s groove.


Syreeta Wright – “Harmour Love” (1977)

Springtime really does a number on my iPod. I know winter is officially over when my listening habits shift from Birchville Cat Motel and Six Organs of Admittance to  to The Free Design and Syreeta Wright.

It puts a funny, funny feeling down in my heart: