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The Past Always Haunts


So, today I stumbled upon my old website.  I’m not going to tell you where it is.  However, I did uncover these…


What you see above is a drawing I did (apparently after purchasing Yoshimi).  Probably the pinnacle of my artistic career.


During my pyro phase.


High school grad.  Momz wuz proud.  Oh the internets! 


Robyn Hitchcock – The Man Who Invented Himself from Black Snake Diamond Role (1981)

Don’t Be Daft


On Valentine’s Day someone posted a track called “Love” on the ol’ internets.  It was initially assumed to be a heart-shaped gift from Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter.  Turns out, it’s actually a track by Louis La Roche.  Either way, I’m hoping it makes it into a DJ Tanner set soon.  Hint Hint: Will Krause.


Friendly Lists: Nate Sweeney

This post is the first in a series that blatantly lifts from Pitchfork’s Guest List features.  But instead of asking bands I’ve never met to tell me what kind of chapstick they prefer, I’ll be asking my dear friends to tell me what kind of chapstick they prefer.  Well, not exactly, but whatev.

First up is the delightfully whimsical Nate Sweeney, a guy who always makes me giggle like a schoolgirl serial killer.  He also happens to be the drummer of my favorite band to arise in 2007: All These Teepees.

Favorite Songs of the Past Year: “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”  (mp3) by Ryan Adams, “Blue Hotel” by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, “Those Thieving Birds…” by Silverchair

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment: “Sweetness Follows” by REM, “Sleep Better” by Pete Yorn, “Behind the Drapes” by Mew

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: I fell upon the band Mew a little over a year ago. I fell in love with them. I kind of think that everyone else should, as well.

Favorite Song Ever: There are so many amazing songs…

Best Recent Concert: Silverchair at the Diamond Ballroom was amazing.

Last Great Film I Saw: I watched Sling Blade recently.

Last Great Book I Read: I haven’t read a great book in a long time. This question might just act as a reminder to do so.

First Album You Remember Buying: I bought the album Love Always by K.C. and JoJo with birthday money.

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart: Radiohead. It’s not that i hate them, I just really love the reactions i get for saying that i do.

Best Purchase of the Last Year: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams

Best Thing I Did This Year: I started a band with a group of guys.

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment: Being drunk.

Favorite TV Show at the Moment: I don’t get to watch a lot of television, but I will always love Futurama.

Favorite Video Game at the Moment: Rock Band…all day…all night.

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product: Sandwiches

My Ringtone: “The Wife, The Kids, The White Picket Fence” by Fair To Midland

Mixtapes in Miniature Vol. 2


Image: Jean Pougny (Ivan Puni). (Russian, born Finland. 1892-1956). Suprematist Relief-Sculpture. 1920s (reconstruction of 1915 original). Painted wood, metal, and cardboard, mounted on wood panel, 20 x 15 1/2 x 3″ (50.8 x 39.3 x 7.6 cm). The Riklis Collection of McCrory Corporation. © 2008 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / ADAGP, Paris 

This week’s mix includes a lost Kraut Klassik from ’72 (Agitation Free), some soundtrack work from James Murphy (LCD Soundsystem), a song about demons (Roky Erickson), bass work from a Can alumn (Moebius & Plank), and some chill house beatz (Bjørn Torske). 

mp3s (left click on the link to download):

  • Agitation Free – Ala Tul  from Malesch (Music Factory, 1972)
  • LCD Soundsystem – Big Ideas from the movie 21 (2008)
  • Roky Erickson & The Aliens – I Think Up Demons from I Have Always Been Here Before (Anthology) (Shout Factory, 2005)
  • Moebius & Plank – Feedback ’66 from Rastakraut Pasta (Sky Records, 1980)
  • Bjørn Torske – God Kvelde from Feil Knapp (2007)

New Muzak Tuesday


Image: Chris Piercy

During this blog’s very brief history we have had a handful of splelling errors pointed out, so I’m not claiming perfection.  However, now that Pitchfork has become a mainstream guide to the sound of 5 million false tooth hipsters yawning, shouldn’t they be able to pay someone to make sure things like this don’t happen?:

 “…Sletater-Kinney/Quasi drummer (and now Jick) Janet Weiss’…”

I think perhaps Pitchfork’s baby hole just birthed a spud-tacular tribute band.  Or perhaps their spell-checker moonlights as Maxim’s critical validity checker.

I know bashing Pitchfork has become a trend almost as annoying as blabbing on about “a Krautrock influence” by pretend-tious critics who don’t know their Can from their Cluster, but when you go and start giving “Guero”-level ratings to Stephen Malkmus, hon you’ve gone too far.

In addition to a track from the new Jicks joint, I’m also posting one from the new Autechre.  Shake your brittle bones to the beatz. 


  • Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks – Baltimore from Real Emotional Trash (2008; Matador)
  • Autechre – Simmm from Quaristice (2008; Warp)

Winter for Poland and France


Dear Mother Nature,

I know that you like to joke around with us, and most of the time we deserve your meteorological pranks.  You know, since we pumped all of those CFC’s in your face and whatnot.  Some of your humor could even fall into the trenchant category.  We laugh every time we think about you making Jim Inhofe sweat through his suit during those special interests afternoon power walks.  Here’s the thing though…I think it’s time you give me a friggin’ break this winter.  I know it’s probably been a cumulous cloud-full of laughs to play yo-yo with the mercury the past four months, and I’m sure giving me 27 separate colds in that amount of time has been a real side-splitter.  But, seriously, cut the crap or I’m going to spray my vintage ’87 Aquanet right in your damn eye.

 Angry mp3:

  • Times New Viking – Mean God from Rip It Off (Matador; 2008)

Every Time That We Walk the Streets

A Clockwork Orange

I admit that I feel an odd form of consumer’s guilt whenever I go to Papa Gjorgio’s.  To say that it is Ada’s best place to consume calories would be quite the local culinary understatement.  It just seems almost culturally inappropriate for a town like this to have a place with a satisfying wine list and where cheese fries and a side of ranch dressing is an impossibility.  Wednesday night I enjoyed a couple hours in the restaurant’s reassuringly intimate Martini Bar with several of my close “buds”.  Though I have been m.i.a. for a few weeks, this became a weekly pilgrimage sometime during my final semester of college.  This is our Wednesday night fellowship.  In place of potluck casserole, Blake and I mutually masticated our margarita pizza, and casual conversation about “The Whitest Kids U Know” skit-lifting from MTV’s “The State” replaced weepy diatribes against the dangers of inter-religion dating.  Sipping on a Will-prepared drink, I listened to Dave D. recount his Radio Shack Story of the Day.  This consisted of a senile lady shopper leaving poo poo in places not designated a toilet bowl and left me wondering what kind of paycheck would balance out selling coaxial cable to potty untrained customers.  Mental answer: medical school amounts.  Will comes to the table to announce that he will indeed be opening the upcoming All These Teepees show as his dance music alter-ego DJ Tanner.  And I end the night reminded of why I find it so hard to leave this home of twenty-four years. 




Mixtapes in Miniature

Banksy Drawing

Image: Banksy 

I try my best to keep up with the new hip swinging sounds the kids bop in their boomboxes.  Still, the constant pursuit of finding the next ________ can leave me feeling a bit overwhelmed by information and wanting for lasting impressions.  I just don’t have the time to keep up with bedroom demos of future One Blog Wonders. 

I think of this blog as more of a multimedia mixtape for friends and my mixtapes have always been filled with nostalgia and lost hymns. 

So, here are three songs by bands (The dB’s, The Go-Betweens, and Catherine Wheel) that are about a generation removed from SXSW photo-ops:


Brian Eno and David Byrne – My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Between the recording of Talking Head’sFear of Music” (1979) and “Remain in Light” (1980), Brian Eno and David Byrne worked on the sonic collage that would become “My Life in the Bush of Ghosts” (a title lifted from Amos Tutuola) (1981). The album’s imprint can be felt today in everything from the melting pot sound-world of M.I.A. to the tape recorder ghosts trapped in The Books. The hallucinatory samples, disembodied voices hovering above and peeking through the funk, were sequenced using analogue recording equipment, making the seamlessness of the final product all the more incredible.

The track posted today features the haunting call of a Lebanese mountain singer over an eternal psychedelic groove that is equally indebted to Funkadelic and Fela Kuti, but one trapped in an aural mist that is distinct to Brian Eno. The Lebanese sample, sung by Dunya Yunis, was lifted from the six-LP box set “Music in the World of Islam”.


Brian Eno + David Byrne – Regiment From: My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (Reissued by Nonesuch, 2006)



I was escorted before her on this day and stood before her as if I had been dissolved into vapour or no more alive and also dreaming of her terrible, dreadful, ugly, dirty appearance without sleeping.–Amos Tutuola My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, p.100 (First Published in 1954 By Faber and Faber Limited, new and revised edition 1978)

Pavement – In the Mouth a Desert (Live, 1992)

In anticipation of the new Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks album, here’s a clip of the best American band of the ’90s playing at Reading ’92.  This one is dedicated to Sarah.

Plus, this:



Pavement - Slanted & Enchanted (Luxe & Reduxe)