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Are the Heene Boyz the New Beasties?

The Balloon Boy in a Few Years

The Balloon Boy in a Few Years

Today the world stopped what it was doing to watch a balloon fly across the Colorado sky.  Usually this would mean that the world was really, really stoned.  Turns out, this wasn’t entirely the case.

Now that Falcon Heene is a bonafide celebrity (and due to the Beastie Boys’ current hiatas), perhaps his brotherly rap group can finally get the respect it deserves.  I really don’t know how the following video still has less than 3,000 views.  IT SAMPLES COLD!!!  These kids are going to be huge.

*UPDATE: Apparently the view count has gone from less than 3,000 to OVER 124,000 in just a couple of hours.  Ladies and gentlemen: meet the new viral sensation!

Chris Piercy

Top This, Marilyn Manson

Once upon a time, Alice Cooper struck fear into the hearts of millions by wearing a snake like a necklace and prancing around with a girl’s name.  I think it was Lester Bangs who wrote: “If you thought Billion Dollar Babies was hot, just wait until he discovers green screens and rap music! When he does, look out children! Applying that Tasmanian devil glottal scope, that yellow-eyed depravity to the urban sound of way out will surely make the world fart blood*.”  Or something like that.

*Not actual words of Lester Bangs


Calling Out to D’Angelo, Pt. 1: Ladomour “All We’ve Been Through”

Dear D’Angelo,

Until you decide to come back to us, I will be transmitting Ladomour’s “All We’ve Been Through” using loudspeakers set up strategically throughout the continental United States.




Review: Dan Deacon “Bromst”


In 2007, Dan Deacon released his first proper studio LP, the oddly-named Spiderman of the Rings. Listening to that album is best envisioned like a trip to Toon Town. But in Deacon’s Toon Town, there is no maniacal Judge Doom. So, instead of fearing death by “The Dip,” all the toons just took copious amounts of ecstasy and held raves in Toon Square.

Sounds like fun.

It is.

So, Deacon took two years and a lot of studio time to record his follow-up, Bromst. A meticulously-crafted electronic odyssey that feels slightly more grown up. But only slightly.

Bromst begins with the slow-build up entitled “Build Voice.” Well played, sir! “Build Voice” sets the standard for the rest of the album: intricately layered cuts that continue to swell for the next 4-6 minutes. Every track is like a countdown to ignition, with a payoff that takes you to another world.

Deacon’s music evokes this child-like splendor. The album’s cover is dead on: a lone tent in the woods, filled with this warm glow for it’s inhabitants. Bromst sounds cute and blissful (“Of The Mountains,” “Woof Woof”) most of the time, but it can also be a deeply intricate brain-feast (“Slow With Horns/Run For Your Life,” “Get Older,” “Snookered.”)

Yeah, I’m gushing over this record, but it is well-deserved. Deacon built off the good foundation he laid with Spiderman of the Rings and made a fantastic record. His song-writing has matured, and he hits on every track. It’s infectious, good-natured and, overall, completely danceable. It’s a great contender for Record of the Year.

So pack your friends inside that happy little tent, and let Bromst take you on a fantastic voyage.

You bring the flashlights and Skittles. I’ll bring Benny the Cab for transportation.


Daily David: Octopus and Trout

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New Music: Rebolledo feat Matías Aguayo – “Pitaya Frenesí”

Perhaps the Mexican drug problem is worse than what’s being reported.

[Rebolledo on MySpace]


Mister Lonely

Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re thinking about watching another marathon of “Make Me a Supermodel”, or you’re still watching CNBC with a gun held to your temple…why don’t you queue “Mister Lonely” instead?  What other movie has a chicken-obsessed child Buckwheat impersonator, Werner Herzog as a priest, AND flying nuns?  Simply one of the most spellbinding films I’ve seen.

(Dir. Harmony Korine, 2007)

P.S. That’s A Silver Mt. Zion playing in this clip.