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New Music: Ryan McMahan “Magnum Opus/Cool”

Ryan McMahan is an enigma.  He was the former chairman of the Pontotoc County Republican party and a vehement denouncer of George W. Bush’s policies.  He is the best trick BMX rider that I know.  He looks like he should be on the beach and yet he sounds like he’s from…well, Oklahoma.  He taught himself to play the piano, and has branched into writing his own compositions.  Oh, he’s also one of my best friends and favorite people on this planet.  Here’s what he had to say about his new tune:

If I had to say anything about it… It’s just a revised version of the 3rd song I made. I spent a lot of time on it, and umm.. It’s like Jesus in a way. It dies, and then it comes back to life on the third measure.  It really has no name but it goes by “Magnum Opus/Cool”.


New Music: FBPWB – “Infinite Flex”

dsc00284-Image by Christof Piercy, III

If Kanye is gonna sing, First Baptist is gonna rap.

Infinite Flex


New Music: FBPWB “Burn Out”


-Image by Chris Piercy (Me)

After several months of neglecting his genius way around a pop hook, The First Baptist Praise and Warship Band picked up his guitar, settled on four(!!!-branching out) chords, made some lyrics up on the spot, and pressed record.  This is the astounding result:

Burn Out


Death Knelly’s New Liz Phair Cover

Do yourself a favor and head over to Death Knelly’s myspace page to hear the awesome cover of Liz Phair’s “Six Dick Pimp”.  The revolution starts hear. 


All These Teepees and The Faith

The Faith

If you didn’t go to the Teepees/Faith(Joe Rushmore) show this past Saturday you missed:

1. Tyler wearing sunglasses ALL NIGHT LONG.
2. Olen doing handstands on the back of an elderly woman.
3. Jezy opening several beer bottles.
4. Laura stealing Nate’s drums…while naked.
5. Aaron doing things with facial expressions that few knew were possible.

Plus, Iggy Pop was there.

All These Teepees/Joe Rushmore: Live in Denton!

The occasionally naked All These Teepees will be performing in Denton, Texas this Saturday, April 5th.  They will probably be clothed.  Sorry ladies! 

Also performing (also clothed) will be Joseph Rushmore.  What does Joseph say about the show?

everyone come out on saturday the 5th to straw fields at the corner of oak and bonnie brae, the show is free and the line up is sweet uncle joe starts us off at 9 o clock followed by ryan gilbert followed by joseph rushmore followed by all these teepees. bring yer own beer bring yer own women bring pets if you got em dont bring money unless you intend to buy something from the fields or the gas station across the street. country music and rock music all in one place and the thing that stands out most in my mind is that the show will be unlike anything most people get to experience in this town there is little reason to leave yer house when you live in the dallas area lots of people try to trick you into thinking there are good reasons to leave yer house but there are not really that many. cat power is coming to town, thats a good reason, but thats one out of few. this show is different however this is not music you get from most places this is a group of people devoted to themselves alone. and thats the only useful way to live.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Silence in Architecture will be there and so will you!  If you show up and look pretty maybe I’ll take a picture of you.  And maybe that picture will be on this blog.  And maybe this blog will make you more desirable to the boy or girl of your choice.

Joeseph Rushmore:

All These Teepees:

Strawberry Fields:

All These Teepees – March 15


Image: All These Teepees 

Local SINsations, All These Teepees, will be performing tomorrow night (March 15) at Ada’s legendary A.B.C. Sports Center.  This band is attractive, single, and ready to mingle!  If there is a world to be rocked, they will. 

Opening up for the Teepees will be local dance hero DJ Tanner.  If there is a Full House, DJ Tanner will bring it down. 

9:30 p.m.

1020 N. Mississippi Ave.

Ada, OK

5 George Washingtons is the fee (or 1 Lincoln if you’re nasty)

Must be of legal wino age to enter

Below is a picture of me (on the right, Coors in the aire) with DJ Tanner (mad muggin’ the camera):


Joseph Rushmore Eats Babies


Back on the hallowed soccer fields of the Ada Boys & Girls Club it probably never crossed my mind that Mr. Joseph Rushmore would grow up to be such a fine country/folk tunesmith.  But that’s what he gone and done!  From his MySpace page (natch):

After the break up of the now legendary Oklahoma punk band Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta, Joseph Rushmore has gone on to mix a love of musical simplicity with subtle depth as a country/folk singer accompanying himself on guitar. While the songs still carry the remains of the humour, loss, and desolation that came from his former band they have now grown to supply the listener with a deeper sense of what he, as a singer is articulating through his poetic and exalting lyrics. -Wagner Paul: Oklahoma Poet (RIP: 2/17/29-8/22/07).

Many of us in Ada have long mourned the passing of the legendary Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta (Green River was to the Seattle scene as Muy Loco was to the Ada “scene”, right?), but it’s good to see that Joe is still making music to live by, while former Muy Loco guitarist Dave Dickinson is ripping it up with All These Teepees.  The Fiesta continues!  Long live Fiesta!You can catch Joseph live at Strawberry Fields in Denton, TX on March 15!MySpace: Joseph Rushmore