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Joseph Rushmore Eats Babies


Back on the hallowed soccer fields of the Ada Boys & Girls Club it probably never crossed my mind that Mr. Joseph Rushmore would grow up to be such a fine country/folk tunesmith.  But that’s what he gone and done!  From his MySpace page (natch):

After the break up of the now legendary Oklahoma punk band Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta, Joseph Rushmore has gone on to mix a love of musical simplicity with subtle depth as a country/folk singer accompanying himself on guitar. While the songs still carry the remains of the humour, loss, and desolation that came from his former band they have now grown to supply the listener with a deeper sense of what he, as a singer is articulating through his poetic and exalting lyrics. -Wagner Paul: Oklahoma Poet (RIP: 2/17/29-8/22/07).

Many of us in Ada have long mourned the passing of the legendary Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta (Green River was to the Seattle scene as Muy Loco was to the Ada “scene”, right?), but it’s good to see that Joe is still making music to live by, while former Muy Loco guitarist Dave Dickinson is ripping it up with All These Teepees.  The Fiesta continues!  Long live Fiesta!You can catch Joseph live at Strawberry Fields in Denton, TX on March 15!MySpace: Joseph Rushmore