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All These Teepees and The Faith

The Faith

If you didn’t go to the Teepees/Faith(Joe Rushmore) show this past Saturday you missed:

1. Tyler wearing sunglasses ALL NIGHT LONG.
2. Olen doing handstands on the back of an elderly woman.
3. Jezy opening several beer bottles.
4. Laura stealing Nate’s drums…while naked.
5. Aaron doing things with facial expressions that few knew were possible.

Plus, Iggy Pop was there.

Totally True Teepee Tales, Part One

Caught in the Snacked 
After consuming three McFlurrys late last night, and after he promptly kerbarfled on the couch, Tyler Dempsey reportedly went on a whirlwind lovemaking wing-dang-doodle.  A consuming desire to consummate a lubricious lust left seventeen pregnant in his hanky-panky path of prurience.  When pressed for comment, Tyler giggled and said, “This girly gaggle is gobbling something turkey, for I remember not a busty bacchanalia!”  However, considering his constant consumption of liquid courage, it is quite likely this Roman romp was nixed from Tyler’s noggin something nuclear.   

All These Teepees/Joe Rushmore: Live in Denton!

The occasionally naked All These Teepees will be performing in Denton, Texas this Saturday, April 5th.  They will probably be clothed.  Sorry ladies! 

Also performing (also clothed) will be Joseph Rushmore.  What does Joseph say about the show?

everyone come out on saturday the 5th to straw fields at the corner of oak and bonnie brae, the show is free and the line up is sweet uncle joe starts us off at 9 o clock followed by ryan gilbert followed by joseph rushmore followed by all these teepees. bring yer own beer bring yer own women bring pets if you got em dont bring money unless you intend to buy something from the fields or the gas station across the street. country music and rock music all in one place and the thing that stands out most in my mind is that the show will be unlike anything most people get to experience in this town there is little reason to leave yer house when you live in the dallas area lots of people try to trick you into thinking there are good reasons to leave yer house but there are not really that many. cat power is coming to town, thats a good reason, but thats one out of few. this show is different however this is not music you get from most places this is a group of people devoted to themselves alone. and thats the only useful way to live.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Silence in Architecture will be there and so will you!  If you show up and look pretty maybe I’ll take a picture of you.  And maybe that picture will be on this blog.  And maybe this blog will make you more desirable to the boy or girl of your choice.

Joeseph Rushmore:


All These Teepees:


Strawberry Fields:


Rattled By the Rush


The All These Teepees/DJ Tanner show on Saturday was great and allowed me the chance to experience a double-header of head-scratching.  I know that the always classy A.B.C. Sports Center isn’t known for regularly pumpin’ out the Justice jamz, but to the “music fans” (without a legitimate medical excuse) who came out and didn’t do the d.a.n.c.e. before the A.T.T.?  Equal sign LAMERS.  What?  Too tired from slowly tapping your foot to Ryan Adams all day?  I keed, I keed (maybe).  But me, Ty Demp, A. Sumpty, Dave “Detroit” Dickinson, and Ohhhhhlen freaking carried your sofistafunk ASSES!  I broke it down IN FLIP-FLOPS, and all you could do is stand back there and fold your arms?  Will Krause: thank you.  Thanx also go out to my sponsor, Miller Light 16 oz. cans.  No thankx go out to the “A.B.C. Regulars” who apparently were too busy attempting to pick up Syphilis to notice the rocking that was rolling around on stage.  Aaron: I’m still disappointed in the lack of shirtlessness and peanut butter.  Other than that, it was a tight night. 

All These Teepees – March 15


Image: All These Teepees 

Local SINsations, All These Teepees, will be performing tomorrow night (March 15) at Ada’s legendary A.B.C. Sports Center.  This band is attractive, single, and ready to mingle!  If there is a world to be rocked, they will. 

Opening up for the Teepees will be local dance hero DJ Tanner.  If there is a Full House, DJ Tanner will bring it down. 

9:30 p.m.

1020 N. Mississippi Ave.

Ada, OK

5 George Washingtons is the fee (or 1 Lincoln if you’re nasty)

Must be of legal wino age to enter

Below is a picture of me (on the right, Coors in the aire) with DJ Tanner (mad muggin’ the camera):


Friendly Lists: Dave Dickinson

Today’s guest list is by Dave Dickinson, six-string strummer for All These Teepees. 

Favorite Songs of the Past Year: “reckoner” off “in rainbows” is probably my favorite song off said album, and it came out this past year. ya, it’s an “okay” song off an “okay” album.

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment: “can’t get it out of my head” by ELO. at least i think that’s the name of the song. it has been one of my favorite older songs for quite some time. I just can’t get it out of my head. “heroes” by david bowie makes me want to cry. bobby dylan’s “mr. tambourine man” is always a winner.

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: grizzly bear is a band i was recently introduced to thanks to my good friend blake stewart, so i bought the album “yellow house,” and i really like it. i also bought the red house painters’ album “songs for a blue guitar” recently(thank you tyler dempsey) and i’m really digging mark kozelek right now. it’s my first time to own any of his stuff. i’m way behind, i know

Favorite Song Ever: “let down” by radiohead. perfect

Best Recent Concert: went and saw the meat puppets and built to spill just last weekend. it kicked ass. it also led me to raise my own expectations of my songwriting abilities and guitar playing skills to a whole new level. the meat puppets are bad ass mo fos by the way

Last Great Film I Saw: probably the fountain, it was pretty intense.

Last Great Book I Read: perks of being a wallflower.

First Album You Remember Buying: “back in black” AC/DC. oh ya!

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart: i don’t know which, if any, of my friends like incubus, but i think they suck pretty bad. also jack johnson, but most of my friend share my dislike for his inability to write music. well, he wrote that one song, then made ten copies of it and put them all on a cd and called it an album. he’s repeated that whole process a few times now.

Best Purchase of the Last Year: fender american deluxe ash stratocaster tobacco sunburst w/rosewood fretboard.

Best Thing I Did This Year: as of 08’…decided to say “fuck you school!” as of 07’…helped form the teepees

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment: being drunk. dancing my ass off. it’s all good

Favorite TV Show at the Moment: probably “it’s always sunny in philadelphia.”

Favorite Video Game at the Moment: not a fan of video games

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product: sandwiches and hotdogs

this wasn’t on the survery,but:
to elliott smith-i love you and miss you everyday, you are my favorite

My Ringtone:

Friendly Lists: Tyler Dempsey

Today’s super special sauce guest list is by Tyler Dempsey, lead banjo-diddler of All These Teepees.   
Favorite Songs of the Past Year: I really liked “Tonto” by Battles, it reminded me of a math equation, you know, a sexy sort of math equation. “Bamboo Banga” by M.I.A. and “I Woke Up Today” by Port O’Brien got a lot of play too.

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment: It would have to be “Bring the Rain” by Neil Young. I’m not certain what album it was even on, I found it on this mix somewhere, but it kind of blends all of Young’s strongpoints. The version I have is a live recording, very tender, like the staring at a snow mountain sort of tender. Also, Michael Jackson has controlled some of my attention lately.

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered:
This isn’t so recent, but it is the most excited I have gotten in recent memory about a band. It’s this band Aphrodite’s Child and they are from Greece and recorded in the late 60’s and early 70’s if I’m not mistaken. Their opus was this experimental record entitled “666“, which is braggable. Anyways its like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Aesop sat around smoking pot and talking the Book of Revelation from the Christian Bible. A lot of the two discs is pretty out there, and some of it is just transcendental. A new band that I’m excited about is Fire on Fire, recently signed to Young God, they have a song called “Heavy D” that is the putting into song what you have always known. Timeless stuff.

Favorite Song Ever:
Can’t answer that…maybe “Comfortably Numb.”

Best Recent Concert:
Probably Justice at the Palladium in Dallas, TX. More of a party than a concert, and more of a best time had by all than a best show.

Last Great Film I Saw:
“No Country For Old Men” is the best film I have seen in quite some time.

Last Great Book I Read:
A book called “Too Loud a Solitude” by Bohumil Hrabal, might have to check the spelling on that, but it is about this guy who compacts paper and educates himself from the bits of books he salvages. It’s really about the indestructability of knowledge and all that, beautifully written and very intelligently done.

First Album You Remember Buying:
Green Day’s “Dookie” on cassette.

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart:
I really hate to “Hate On” anything really, Kurt Vonnegut has a quote that I love about criticizing a work of art being like putting on a suit of armor and attacking an ice cream sunday. But if I had to pick it would be RJD2…never liked em’.

Best Purchase of the Last Year:
Nothing memorable, I really don’t buy a ton of stuff.

Best Thing I Did This Year:
The Justice show in Dallas…hands down.

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment:
All of them, why else get drunk than for moments.

Favorite TV Show at the Moment:
“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”

Favorite Video Game at the Moment:
Haven’t played one in a long time, favorite all time would be “Final Fantasy VII”

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product:
Probably a burrito, but they give me graboids in my tum tum.

My Ringtone:
Some pre-setting.

Friendly Lists: Nate Sweeney

This post is the first in a series that blatantly lifts from Pitchfork’s Guest List features.  But instead of asking bands I’ve never met to tell me what kind of chapstick they prefer, I’ll be asking my dear friends to tell me what kind of chapstick they prefer.  Well, not exactly, but whatev.

First up is the delightfully whimsical Nate Sweeney, a guy who always makes me giggle like a schoolgirl serial killer.  He also happens to be the drummer of my favorite band to arise in 2007: All These Teepees.

Favorite Songs of the Past Year: “Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.”  (mp3) by Ryan Adams, “Blue Hotel” by Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, “Those Thieving Birds…” by Silverchair

Favorite Older Songs of the Moment: “Sweetness Follows” by REM, “Sleep Better” by Pete Yorn, “Behind the Drapes” by Mew

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: I fell upon the band Mew a little over a year ago. I fell in love with them. I kind of think that everyone else should, as well.

Favorite Song Ever: There are so many amazing songs…

Best Recent Concert: Silverchair at the Diamond Ballroom was amazing.

Last Great Film I Saw: I watched Sling Blade recently.

Last Great Book I Read: I haven’t read a great book in a long time. This question might just act as a reminder to do so.

First Album You Remember Buying: I bought the album Love Always by K.C. and JoJo with birthday money.

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart: Radiohead. It’s not that i hate them, I just really love the reactions i get for saying that i do.

Best Purchase of the Last Year: Easy Tiger by Ryan Adams

Best Thing I Did This Year: I started a band with a group of guys.

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment: Being drunk.

Favorite TV Show at the Moment: I don’t get to watch a lot of television, but I will always love Futurama.

Favorite Video Game at the Moment: Rock Band…all day…all night.

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product: Sandwiches

My Ringtone: “The Wife, The Kids, The White Picket Fence” by Fair To Midland

Every Time That We Walk the Streets

A Clockwork Orange

I admit that I feel an odd form of consumer’s guilt whenever I go to Papa Gjorgio’s.  To say that it is Ada’s best place to consume calories would be quite the local culinary understatement.  It just seems almost culturally inappropriate for a town like this to have a place with a satisfying wine list and where cheese fries and a side of ranch dressing is an impossibility.  Wednesday night I enjoyed a couple hours in the restaurant’s reassuringly intimate Martini Bar with several of my close “buds”.  Though I have been m.i.a. for a few weeks, this became a weekly pilgrimage sometime during my final semester of college.  This is our Wednesday night fellowship.  In place of potluck casserole, Blake and I mutually masticated our margarita pizza, and casual conversation about “The Whitest Kids U Know” skit-lifting from MTV’s “The State” replaced weepy diatribes against the dangers of inter-religion dating.  Sipping on a Will-prepared drink, I listened to Dave D. recount his Radio Shack Story of the Day.  This consisted of a senile lady shopper leaving poo poo in places not designated a toilet bowl and left me wondering what kind of paycheck would balance out selling coaxial cable to potty untrained customers.  Mental answer: medical school amounts.  Will comes to the table to announce that he will indeed be opening the upcoming All These Teepees show as his dance music alter-ego DJ Tanner.  And I end the night reminded of why I find it so hard to leave this home of twenty-four years. 




Joseph Rushmore Eats Babies


Back on the hallowed soccer fields of the Ada Boys & Girls Club it probably never crossed my mind that Mr. Joseph Rushmore would grow up to be such a fine country/folk tunesmith.  But that’s what he gone and done!  From his MySpace page (natch):

After the break up of the now legendary Oklahoma punk band Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta, Joseph Rushmore has gone on to mix a love of musical simplicity with subtle depth as a country/folk singer accompanying himself on guitar. While the songs still carry the remains of the humour, loss, and desolation that came from his former band they have now grown to supply the listener with a deeper sense of what he, as a singer is articulating through his poetic and exalting lyrics. -Wagner Paul: Oklahoma Poet (RIP: 2/17/29-8/22/07).

Many of us in Ada have long mourned the passing of the legendary Muy Loco Pollo Fiesta (Green River was to the Seattle scene as Muy Loco was to the Ada “scene”, right?), but it’s good to see that Joe is still making music to live by, while former Muy Loco guitarist Dave Dickinson is ripping it up with All These Teepees.  The Fiesta continues!  Long live Fiesta!You can catch Joseph live at Strawberry Fields in Denton, TX on March 15!MySpace: Joseph Rushmore