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Crystal Castles Cancel Concert, Put on Bitch Fest


…and today Silence in Architecture morphs into TMZ Lite.

As was already reported by Gorilla vs. Bear, Crystal Castle’s scheduled concert in Dallas last night hit an Axl Rose-sized snag when said band decided to pretend they were actual rock stars.  That is to say, they kicked SiA-approved openers VEGA off the bill for allegedly jacking equipment and proceeded to cancel the show altogether, citing the Grenada’s supposed lack of an adequate sound system.  As someone who has witnessed a few (great) shows at the Grenada, I’m having a tough time swallowing that swill.  In addition, Alan Palomo of VEGA adamentally denies the former accusation.  Taking into account that the Grenada backs Palomo’s version of the story and he is a friend of Jezy, I’m much more apt to discount CC’s frankly ludicrous statements.

While I’m sure the crowd was quite perterbed by CC’s diva-ish behavior, we can fortunately report that the situation didn’t escalate into a Montreal-style Guns ‘N Roses riot; perhaps because the ironic mulleted fan is less hopped up on testosterone than the real deal.  In any case, the Grenada and VEGA appear to come out as the more mature participants in this rather silly, yet unfortunate, drama.

So here’s my brief lecture for Crystal Castles: It is unwise to begin acting like Rock Stars hopped up on diva juice before you prove yourself capable of actual stardom.  At least when Lars and Axl decided to shit on their fans they had already sold millions of records.  Most people stole your debut and the recycle bin is just one mouse click away.

Suck on that 8-bit shit, fuckas.


VEGA to Open for Crystal Castles


As Jezy has already pointed out, Alan Palomo’s new project, VEGA, is way worth paying attention to.  “All Too Vivid” is the jam of the Spring and has been getting major love from allovertheblogosphere.  Now we have some more exciting news to report: VEGA will be opening for Crystal Castles at the Grenada in Dallas, April 14.  Doors open at 8 p.m.

Here’s a fan-made video for “All Too Vivid” to satiate your dreamlust:

[VEGA’s Official MySpace Page]


Chase Jackson’s Top 25 Albums of 2008, Pt. 1

Here is the first in what we hope will be a series of end of the year guest lists.  This one comes from Chase Jackson, talented soul responsible for the Silence in Architecture-approved Death Knelly.  There are already a few best-of-’08 lists floating out there in cyberspace, but this is probably the best I’ve seen so far. 

Be sure to check out Death Knelly’s air-tight, fly-as-a-kite cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Over and Over“.  

Editor’s Note: The picks are by Chase…the extra videos were chosen by me, so keep in mind they don’t necessarily reflect Mr. Jackson’s favorite songs off of the accompanying album.   

25. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III







24. Times New Viking – Rip It Off







23. Ratatat – LP3

CD book outside






22. High Places – High Places 03/07-09/07







21. Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles





20. The Magnetic Fields – Distortion







19. Lykke Li – Youth Novels







18. Stereolab – Chemical Chords

Layout 1






17. Sebastian Tellier – Sexuality







16. The Breeders – Mountain Battles






15. Glass Candy – Deep Gems (A Collection of Singles, B-Sides and Rareties)







Friendly Lists: Chase Jackson

Favorite Songs of the Past Year: Crystal Castles remix of “Crimewave” by Health has been one of my favorite songs to dance to. Their remixes are sick! Another great remix that I am absolutely in love with is Ratatat’s remix of Bjork’s “Wanderlust”. I’ve been listening to Beach House’s new album Devotion constantly. My favorite track off of that is “Turtle Island”. Other songs I really enjoyed from the past year are M.I.A – “$20”, Radiohead – “Nude”, Chromatics – “I Want Your Love”, and Studio – “West Side”

Favorite New Band or Older Band You Recently Discovered: I’ve been getting into the debut lp by Fuck Buttons. It’s like this joyous clusterfuck of opposing genres battling it out. It’s quite a captivating listening experience. I also really like High Places. They have an exciting playfulness about them that I’m digging.

Favorite Song Ever: This is such a hard question, whose answer changes weekly, if not daily. Right now I’d have to say “Shadow of a Doubt” by Sonic Youth or “End of the Line” by Roxy Music.

Best Recent Concert: Crystal Castles @ Hailey’s in Denton, Texas. Strobe lights, heavy breathing, sweaty, crazed bodies giving themselves over to abandon. Never has dance music been so hardcore.

Last Great Film I Saw: The last film I saw in theaters was There Will Be Blood. I’ve seen it twice but I could see it 7 more times. I thought it was the best picture of last year. Every aspect of it absolutely floored me. The people that say it is a boring waste of 3 hours make my eye twitch.

Last Great Book I Read: Crackpot by John Waters. I think John Waters is one of the funniest people alive. A very enjoyable read.

First Album You Remember Buying: The Breeders – Last Splash

Favorite Band to Hate On That All Your Friends Heart: Life Without Buildings. For some reason, we just didn’t hit it off.

Best Purchase of the Last Year: I got some really nice headphones that are extremely comfortable and have yet to give me any grief.

Best Thing I Did This Year: Seeing Sonic Youth perform “Trilogy” live. When they launched into the “Eliminator Jr.” section of it, I almost lost my mind.

Favorite Recent Drunk Moment: The dance party at Nicole’s apartment after celebrating Jezy’s 21st Birthday at Cellerman’s. Good Times!!

Favorite TV Show at the Moment: The Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen network. It’s about all these 20-something women with attitude problems living under one roof. The reason it’s so great is because there is a fight almost every single week and usually when a girl gets kicked out or leaves, another comes to take their place, so the dynamic within the household is constantly changing. Highly addictive.

Favorite Video Game at the Moment: Guitar Hero III, because it features Sonic Youth’s “Kool Thing”. What?!!

Most Commonly Eaten Food Product: Honey Nut Cheerios

My Ringtone: “Rolling Down The Hills” by Glass Candy

P.S. I’m also very smitten with Hercules and Love Affair. The songs with Antony Hegarty on vocals sound like Nina Simone getting down with Arthur Russell. In my top five at the end of the year, for sure.