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The Life and Times at Rubber Gloves


The Life and Times will be playing on April 8 at Rubber Gloves in Denton.  Doors open @ 9:00 p.m. and tickets are $8 in advance and $10 the day of.  Their new album, Tragic Boogie, comes out April 14.  I have never experienced a tragic boogie.  All of my boogie times have been magic.

Here’s an older video (for “My Last Hostage”):

[The Life and Times Official MySpace Page]

[Full tour dates here.]


Local Music: Febrifuge – “A Short Instance of Separation”

 I’ve been meaning to write something substantial about this album since I started contributing to SIA, but — while I do genuinely love Febrifuge’s A Short Instance of Separation — there’s no way I could keep my own personal biases from creeping into my convoluted sentences and mixed metaphors.

Plus, it would just be kind of weird. 

That’s because Chris Day, the “loon” responsible this lovely record, happens to be a good friend of mine. We worked together for a couple years at Art Six, and we live in the same apartment complex. We’ve been known to share milkshakes (two straws, please!) and fly kites on endless summer afternoons before collapsing to the green earth in fits of unbridled child-like companionship. Also: we coordinate haircuts and outfits. So, obviously anything I write about his band is going to come off sounding gushy.

And it’s unfortunate, because his band happens to be really, really fucking good. They were great the first time I saw them at Strawberry Fields but, after seeing them own the backyard of Art Six at their CD release show, I realized this: Febrifuge is, without a doubt, the best band playing in Denton today. Take it to the bank, and grab a handful of dum-dums on your way out. 

A Short Instance of Separation — with all its patience and meticulous production, its classicism and approachability — is miles away from the trend-hopping, hot-for-the-moment aesthetics that tend to characterize our town full of shutter shades, skinny jeans and keystroke DJs. His songs don’t have to scream to be heard; they’re subtle, but direct and unpretentious. It’s more Antony & the Johnsons than No Age, more Cabernet than raspberry vodka. And, while we’re at it, it sounds nothing like Morrissey or LCD Soundsystem

Okay, so maybe I went back on my no-gush policy, but everything I’m telling you is true! Don’t take my word for it, though. Visit Febrifuge’s MySpace page and, if you like what you hear — which you will — throw down the painless $10 for his CD. He spent two years working on this thing, and the artwork and full booklet are gorgeous. It’s well worth your money and time. 

[By the way, Grizzly Bear totally lifted the dewy croon of Veckatimest’s “Two Weeks” from the Febrifuge playbook. You heard it here first, folks. This shit is gonna blow up like the Space Shuttle Columbia! Chris D: get to poop-bloggin’!]


Photos: Wavves/Abe Vigoda/Psychedelic Horseshit @ HXHF (3/17/2009)

All photos by Jezy Gray


Psychedellic Horseshit (715 Panhandle)

Psychedelic Horseshit (715 Panhandle)


Abe Vigoda (715 Panhandle)

Abe Vigoda (715 Panhandle)


Wavves (818 Hickory)

Wavves (818 Hickory)



Denton, TX: HXHF

Too broke for SXSW? Why not spend your Spring Break stuffed in a series of cramped, dirty houses being pulverized by noise? If this sounds like you’re thing — it most certainly sounds like mine — then you’ll want to be sure not to miss Denton’s House by House Fest, March 14th-18th.

According to Bunker Hill’s MySpace, the schedule looks like this:

Sat. March 14th 8PM
@ Muscle Beach
The Shivers/Weird Weeds/Champaign Kickoff

Sun. 15th

@ 818 Hickory
UH-OH /Bad Sports + TBA, +1, etc.

Mon. March 16th 7 PM
@ J and J’s Pizza
Magic Lantern/Pocahaunted

Mon. March 16th 11:30 PM
@ Bunker Hill
Box Elders/Lil Daggers/Deserter/Uptown Bums

Tues. March 17th 7 PM
@ 715 Panhandle
WAVVES/Abe Vigoda/Fergus & Geronimo/Fungi Girls

Tuesday March 17th 11 PM
@ 818 Hickory St.
Psychedelic Horseshit/Thomas Function/Yuppies/Lover!

Wed. March 18th 7PM
@ Bunker Hill
The Weakends/Frustrations/Bass Drum Of Death/Outer Spacists
(According to their blog, the folks at Bunker Hill are  in the process of spitting this show up and adding Terrible Twos/Human Eye/FNU Ronnies. I’d be pretty disappointed if Terrible Twos didn’t make it into the mix in some capacity.)


All These Teepees/Joe Rushmore: Live in Denton!

The occasionally naked All These Teepees will be performing in Denton, Texas this Saturday, April 5th.  They will probably be clothed.  Sorry ladies! 

Also performing (also clothed) will be Joseph Rushmore.  What does Joseph say about the show?

everyone come out on saturday the 5th to straw fields at the corner of oak and bonnie brae, the show is free and the line up is sweet uncle joe starts us off at 9 o clock followed by ryan gilbert followed by joseph rushmore followed by all these teepees. bring yer own beer bring yer own women bring pets if you got em dont bring money unless you intend to buy something from the fields or the gas station across the street. country music and rock music all in one place and the thing that stands out most in my mind is that the show will be unlike anything most people get to experience in this town there is little reason to leave yer house when you live in the dallas area lots of people try to trick you into thinking there are good reasons to leave yer house but there are not really that many. cat power is coming to town, thats a good reason, but thats one out of few. this show is different however this is not music you get from most places this is a group of people devoted to themselves alone. and thats the only useful way to live.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Silence in Architecture will be there and so will you!  If you show up and look pretty maybe I’ll take a picture of you.  And maybe that picture will be on this blog.  And maybe this blog will make you more desirable to the boy or girl of your choice.

Joeseph Rushmore:


All These Teepees:


Strawberry Fields: