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Shit Vids: Disturbed – “Stupify”

Considering that Chris and I are currently “down with the sickness,” it seems a more appropriate time than ever to reach into the ever-expanding depths of the Shit Vids vault and present our loyal readers with yet another installment of the profoundly awful: Disturbed’s “Stupify.”

If you manage to sit through all four minutes and eleven seconds of this piece of shit, you’ll undoubtedly have a few questions. Allow me to clear up a couple things: yes, he mentions the projects and the barrio by name (and implores them to rock); and, yes, he’s wearing a straight jacket during the sitar-studded “breakdown” at 2:33 (which is, like, totally cultural and shit).

But on with the show. Before we get to the shit, however, I want to leave you with a powerful endorsement from YouTube user and freedom-defender AllAmericanGIJoe: “We blast that shit in Iraq all the time! It’s the best.”

– Jezy