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Video: Dan Deacon & Ensemble live @ The Ft. Worth Modern Art Museum

One thing you can’t call Dan Deacon is boring. That much was made abundantly clear this weekend as he and his “big band” ensemble turned the Ft. Worth Modern’s sculpture garden into a bizarre makeshift playground studded with trippy green skulls, crystal cats and mass foot races. “If he had brought a giant parachute,” a friend of mine noted, “he would have perfectly replicated Kindergarten.”

As succesful as the live-band approach turned out, I’m pretty sure Dan will never be invited back to the Modern. At one point, he organized a crowd-swallowing bastardization of London Bridge which, he stressed, should stretch through the museum itself, past the bathrooms, through the exhibits nearest the sculpture garden, and back out through the other entrance. Needless to say, security put a stop to that. The game stretched out through the garden into what began to resemble Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, but was rightfully not allowed in the doors of the Modern itself. 

The set was airtight and, despite an understandably long set-up process, was executed masterfully. The drummers from highly percussive, noisy post-rockers Teeth Mountain (who, it should be said, were absolutely terrific) helped bring Bromst‘s organic assault full circle into was was a staggering explosion of rhythm and guttural energy.  

It goes without saying that seeing Dan Deacon live is a sort of draining experience: beyond the organized sprinting, “sassy-as-fuck” dance contests and massively executed childrens’ games, just being in the presence of such staggering walls of sound is enough to make anyone feel a bit spent afterward. 

Unfortunately my camera died just as the first band (Denton’s own Fight Bite) took the stage. Luckily for us, it’s 2009: 

“Woof Woof”

“Baltihorse” and “The Crystal Cat”


“Silence Like the Wind”


Dan Deacon Brings “Big Band” Future Shock to the Ft. Worth Modern

I’ve been dipping my feet into Bromst, Dan Deacon’s latest auditory assault, for the past few days. While this record isn’t likely to convert those who felt accosted (in a bad way) by 2007’s collosal Spiderman of the Rings, Deacon’s new album furthers his quest in manipulating that ever-so-thin line between “unlistenable” and “goddamn-fucking-killer-genius.”

It’s even gotten the attention of NPR, who is currently providing a free stream of the album, which will see an official release date through Carpark on March 24th. (Standouts include “Build Voice,” “Woof Woof” and “Snookered”).

Now for something even more exciting: on April 18th, Deacon will be ringing in the return of the Modern Art Museum of Forth Worth’s “Modern ’til Midnight” with a performance in the outdoor sculpture garden. Also: he’s performing with 14-piece ensemble. Also: Teeth Mountain and Future Islands are opening, and the cover is $15. You’ll hate yourself if you miss this. 

[Full tour dates here.]